1000 perforated sheets per roll • 36cm x 35cm (350m) 

Colours: Blue

  • Low lint, high wet strength, tear resistant
  • A general purpose jumbo roll of 1000 disposable paper towel wipers ideal for dispensing to high volume areas
  • Very absorbent, very thick paper towel wipers that can be used in automotive, industrial, medical, healthcare and hospitality industries.
  • Great for glass, cleaning, oil and grease wiping, this multipurpose disposable paper towel is even popular in the diary industry as udder wipes!
  • High cost savings from bulk packaging 1000 3-ply paper towels on a roll
  • Convenient, tear off sheets, of standard sizes also saves wastage
  • Glued and embossed for added strength and absorbency
  • Cost effective and economical alternative to rags
  • Floor dispenser available

Product Code: (B) 6-67022-JR


Automotive and Industrial businesses churn through paper towel rolls. Economical, handy, disposable and essential to the day to day tasks of cleaning hands, wiping down equipment and tools, or mopping up liquid, oil and grease spills. But they need to be reliable and of good quality, or this introduces an unnecessary frustration into the day, and adversely affects productivity! The TIDDOX PAPER TOWEL JUMBO ROLL is a quality product, made from premium materials that won’t let you down.

The 3-ply glued and micro embossed paper layers give the roll its added absorbency and strength, and the bulk packaging of 1000 sheets per roll ensure a low cost per wiper, reduced transport and change over costs. Perforated sheets for easy tear-off and of a generous 36cm x 35cm size to handly most jobs adequately with one wiper.

This is no average roll of paper towels! It’s the premium heavy duty wiping solution for high usage in auto shops, factory floors and industrial environments, with key features being its strength, durability and absorbency, available in a cost effective, economical package. TIDDOX’s AUTOMOTIVE PAPER TOWEL ROLL, the INDUSTRIAL JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLL are just the thing!


The average paper towels advertise absorbency and strength, but they are nothing – NOTHING! – in comparison to these heavy-weight paper towels. Super absorbent, they will soak up liquids quickly and effectivey. Solvents, oils, grease, blood, ink, all succumb to the absorbency of these paper towels. Drop one on a spill and return to it later. The towel will soak up most of the fluid or semi-fluid on the surface and hold onto it so that it doesn’t get spread around. Don’t you HATE it when you pick up a cleaning cloth and it drips all over the floor? Now you have an even bigger mess to clean up. And heaven help the person who walks through it, spreading it around, leaving little sticky or greasy spots throughout the workshop…

Anyway, these thick wipes that will soak up a wide range of viscosities, so you can use it as an automotive rag, an industrial wiper, or a printer’s or painters’ cloth equally well.


Each of the 1000 towels on this roll is 3-plys of premium pure cellulose with mixed cellulose tissue glued and micro embossed to form one ultra thick sheet. That means the alternating layers of fibers create a strong, durable towel that won’t come apart when it gets wet. It is incredibly frustrating to take a wet paper towel and scrub on a stain only for the cloth to come apart. Tough and absorbent paper towels, designed to be wet and do their job. You can scoop up a wad of grease from the floor without the cloth coming apart. You can scrub the surface with solvent, just using one or two paper towels. Then, just toss them in the trash can!


This jumbo roll of paper towels comes with 1000 sheets on each roll! Perforated sheets to make it easy to tear each one off. You can even order our sturdy floor dispenser. This frees up counter space and the dispenser can be rolled to different places in the workspace.


When you order one of our jumbo paper towels, these thick wipers will replace the bags of rags in your garage and the painters’ cloths that your sub-contractors use. Perhaps the best part is that they are disposable! That’s right, you can use them for cleanup, and then toss them out. And, 1000 of these towels take up less room than an equal number of rags in a bag!

Give them a try. You’ll never want any other wiper in your workshop or factory floor.

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