JUMBO RHINO ROLL (32cm x 34cm x 475)

Jumbo Rhino Roll

475 perforated wipers per roll • 31.8 cm x 34 cm 151 m Roll 

Colour: Blue

  • Multi-purpose industrial strength tear-off wipes
  • Used in automotive workshops, food production, manufacturing and engineering
  • Strong polypropylene material mixed with absorbent wood pulp. Absorbs moisture, kerosene, solvents and chemicals.
  • Ideal for lint free surface preparation tasks
  • Production areas use this heavy duty wiper in all areas of the manufacturing process
  • Precision tooling use it to keep areas dust free and lint free
  • Food manufacturing businesses use it to soak up moisture in the dry ingredient filler
  • It is important that before starting production there are no paper particles left behind during the manual drying process
  • Floor stands and wall dispensers available
  • Alternative to Wypall X80


Product Code: 6-X8022-JR


The JUMBO RHINO ROLL is the ultimate heavy duty wiper! The wipes are disposable, long-lasting and durable. This giant roll of absorbent wipes deals with the most demanding cleaning tasks. And, it’s wood pulp provides superior absorbency. Not only does it absorbs moisture, but also leaves no lint. Besides absorbency, it has strength, tear resistance and durability. Also, it has a non-abrasive, low linting texture. So it makes a great surface preparation cloth. Did we mention it’s solvent resistant too? 
In fact, there are still many more benefits to this roll. Firstly, easy to tear perforations. So by having standard sized wipes you can reduce wastage. Secondly, the rolls are portable and easy to freight and store. So this reduces costs associated with bulkier products, such as rags. And, the roll sits on the top of tables or work benches for easy access. There is the option to use floor stands or wall dispensers that are available. Finally, by bulk packaging many wipes on a jumbo roll, makes it very cost effective. So with 475 wipes on a roll, this lowers the cost of usage per wiper. 


The JUMBO RHINO ROLL makes a great rag replacement wiper. Because they are low linting, food and industrial businesses use them. For example, they get used for surface preparation and cleaning up fuel spills, oils and chemicals.


Hospitals, medical clinics, dentists and vet clinics use the JUMBO RHINO ROLL. Because it is great for drying instruments. Hence, perfect for polishing stainless steel equipment. Also, by using this hygienic disposable wiper, areas get kept healthy.

And, they are strong like a rhino! So they don’t dissolve when in contact with liquids, blood or urine. In fact, better handled with a JUMBO RHINO ROLL wiper than a flimsy paper towel!


Aged care facilities, schools and childcare centres like the thick wipers. And, they work well with cleaning agents. So, perfect for wiping down tables, chairs and floors to drying any liquid spills.


Hotels, restaurants, bars and sporting clubs use this no nonsense wiper. In fact, it makes a great disposable restaurant cloth. Just tear off and use for general cleaning tasks. And, it’s thick enough to wipe down restaurant tables, chairs and eating areas. Also, strong enough for the tough kitchen tasks. For example, wiping grease and oil off stoves and other surfaces.


Dealerships and fleet owners prefer these heavy-duty cloths. Why? Because of their thickness, absorbency and strength! And, they are great for drying surfaces or wiping off machinery. Also, m\Mechanics use them to cleaning off oil and grime, as well as hands and tools.

The thick cleaning cloth can clean equipment, machines and tools. Great for soaking up oil spills in the garage or workshop.
PRINTERS and PAINTERS love the low linting feature of the JUMBO RHINO ROLL. They can use them to prepare surfaces, or wipe off ink, paint and solvents. These thick absorbent, disposable wipers make day to day life easier. Portable and can carried to and from site. There is the option to use wall dispensers or floor dispensers.
The JUMBO RHINO ROLL is a reliable industrial strength wiper. Great for heavy-duty tasks. It will not disappoint! Enjoy the benefits that this low linting, super absorbent product. The best, strongest durable cloth TIDDOX has to offer. A portable, convenient and cost effective bulk wiping solution.