TIDDOX Lens Cleaning Wipes

15 cm x 12.5 cm • 100 sachets per box • 25 boxes per carton 

Colour: White

  • These wipes are specifically designed for lens cleaning
  • Use these pre-moistened towelettes to clean and protect lenses
  • The anti-static properties in the wipes assist in repelling dust from lens surfaces
  • Ideal for lens cleaning of both plastic and glass lenses
  • These soft, wet, antibacterial wet wipes can also used to clean iPhones, iPads, computer screens, tablets, smart phones, key boards etc.
  • Alcohol free so will not damage or stain surfaces
  • Individually packed sachets
  • Anti-fogging lens wipes also available


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Product Code: 7-LC100AF


Generally, you can never find a lens cleaning wipe when you need one. And, other wipes tend to leave frustrating smudges or streaks. So, this is a neat, portable solution, whereby you get a box of 100 sachets of wet lens wipes. So you can scatter them around and keep a few in the car, jacket pocket, in your desk drawer etc.

Importantly, these pre-moistened wet wipes are specifically made for cleaning lenses. Not only do they clean lenses, but they also protect the lens by repelling dust from the lens surfaces.

And its not just plastic safety glasses that these clean, but also glass lenses. In fact, they’re great at cleaning any glass surface. For example, iPhones, iPads, and computer monitors.

Because they don’t contain alcohol, they won’t stain or damage surfaces.

So, grab a few boxes and try out these individually packed sachets of lens wet wipes. They make great iPhone cleaning wipes and iPad cleaning wipes.

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