23 cm x 23 cm • 300 Wipes per pack • 10 Packs per carton

Multipurpose, lint-free AMBIWIPES are versatile, hygienic, disposable wipes used to clean sensitive surfaces, dry instruments and absorb liquids. Used in a variety of settings, including healthcare and medical applications, glass and optical lens cleaning, as well as in the electronics, pharma and printing industries. Cleanrooms and laboratories also use them, but they tend to go for the STERILE packs.

Made from a nonwoven polyester cellulose mix, using hydro entanglement technology, AMBIWIPES offer both absorbency and durability. The cellulose ensures high absorbency of liquids, including solvents, chemicals and alcohol. And, the method of manufacture is designed to ensure that there is minimal loose fibres, and very low ion and, particle levels, hence their “lint-free” description.

Clean, smooth, white 9″ disposable white wipes that are non-abrasive, meaning they won’t scratch delicate surfaces.

Colour: White

  • Multipurpose wipes for wiping down, cleaning and drying of surfaces, equipment and instruments
  • Absorbent of spills, liquids and fluids
  • Used to apply or remove solvents, chemicals and disinfectants
  • Made with low levels of ions and particles, hence “lint-free”
  • No chemical binders or additives
  • Strong, durable and tear resistant
  • Smooth and non-abrasive, so suited to delicate and sensitive tasks
  • Used in cleanrooms, labs, pharma, printing and electronic facilities
  • Ideal disposable, hygienic medical wipes for drying hands, and sensitive medical equipment and instruments such as endoscopes, optical lenses and other medical equipment
  • Disposable multi-purpose wipes for hospitals and nursing homes
  • Auto clavable and Anti-static
  • Compatible with lower classed environments: ISO 6, ISO 7, ISO 8 or Class 100

AMBIWIPES come packaged in double bags to minimise contamination. In fact, the STERILE AMBIWIPES comes in a triple bag format!

For a bigger size, try the LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES. These are large enough to wipe and dry larger surface areas, as well as make absorbent, durable lining trays. Alternatively, we also have AMBIWIPES ROLLS.

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Product Code: 6-230N1


Looking for multipurpose, economical, disposable lint free wipes?  Well, look no further than TIDDOX’s lint free AMBIWIPES. Disposable multi-purpose wipes for hospitals and nursing homes, printers, cleanrooms, labs, pharma and electronic companies.

Because these wipes are made from a polyester cellulose mix, they have super absorbency and tensile strength. And, hydro entanglement technology ensures there is little if any fibre release. So, this means that they can be used for tasks that need “lint-free wipes”. Hence, cleanrooms, labs, hospitals and printers use them, to name a few.


Because they offer a cost effective, hygienic solution for an array of applications! Not only are these disposable absorbent wipes handy for soaking up spills, they dry instruments and hands too! And, they’re great for cleaning surfaces, particularly sensitive or delicate surfaces. Moreover, LINT FREE AMBIWIPES are clean, pure and hygienic. In fact, we use hydro entanglement technology instead of chemicals and binders to make them. In addition, we pack them in not one, but two bags to reduce contamination.

However, for more serious applications, try the STERILE version of the AMBIWIPES. These get sterilised using Gamma irradiation.

But, back to the question. Why choose AMBIWIPES? 

  • Very absorbent of all liquids, so great for drying and surface cleaning.
  • Solvent resistant, so use to apply alcohol, disinfectants, chemicals etc.
  • “Lint-Free” as low levels of ions and particles reduces risk of fibre generation.
  • Great with delicate and sensitive surfaces, as non-abrasive wipes.
  • Hygienic, pure wipes made without any chemicals, starches or binders.
  • Economical and low cost disposable wipes.
  • Autoclavable wipes.


Well, a lot of these were discussed above, however the key feature remains the versatility of AMBIWIPES. Hence, they get used in almost every industry for a wide range of tasks.

In fact, their popularity stems from their absorbency and lint free attributes. Because, wherever their is a job that needs a non-abrasive wiper that won’t leave any lint, the default choice is AMBIWIPES. Also, they have a smooth, soft texture so won’t damage surfaces during wiping.

And, they’re not very expensive so ideal for high usage areas.

In particular, they suit hygienic areas, such as hospitals and nursing homes, because of their pure, clean and disposable qualities.

And, these multipurpose wipes dry surfaces quickly.

However, if a bigger size is needed, then check out the INDUSTRO WIPES. Also made from the same material, but just cut to a larger size. As a result, they suit large surface cleaning areas, like window cleaning, tray lining, and drying large surfaces quickly.


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