Lint Free Cotton Gloves

12 gloves per pack 

Colour: White

  • Ideal for sensitive cleaning tasks, such as polishing, handling of artwork, cleaning cabinets, or other delicate handling tasks
  • Perfect for when you don’t want to leave any finger prints on a surface
  • Used in light manufacturing and assembly tasks
  • 100% cotton, hemmed cuff gloves,
  • Soft, lint free material
  • High level of dexterity
  • Available in Medium or Large sizes

Product Code: 9-342CL


Professionals rely on these white cotton gloves when handling delicate and fragile items. Or items that they do not want to contaminate with fingermarks, dirt or smears. In fact, these disposable lint free gloves are ideal for any sensitive handling tasks.

For example, artists use these white cotton gloves for handling artwork so as not to contaminate or get dirt on canvases. Similarly, they get used in the electronic industry, laboratory laboratories and by jewelry businesses. In addition, cleaners use them so as not to leave finger prints on glass cabinets and windows. Medical devise companies use these gloves, as do light manufacturing and assembly workers. Great for handling iPhones, iPads and other IT equipment that you do not want to scratch, mark or dirty in any way. The applications are endless.

Because these lint-free cotton gloves very soft, they will not scratch sensitive surfaces. Also, they won’t leave any lint behind either. Furthermore, the smooth, soft cotton material allows hands to breathe so they are much more comfortable than vinyl or nitrile gloves.

White lint free cotton gloves are much more affordable than you would think. And there are a dozen gloves in each pack. So grab a pack of these disposable cotton gloves. Or why not order an entire carton of 50 packs (600 gloves!). Available in a large Mens size or medium Ladies size.


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