10 Wipes per Pack • 10 Packs per Carton • 100 Wipes per carton

Colour: Blue 

  • A lint-free, smooth textured, non-abrasive, low linting microfibre cloth
  • Ideal for polishing glass, metal, iPads, iPhones, mirrors, jewelry, screens, monitors and other delicate tasks that call for a soft absorbent cloth
  • Laboratories use them to remove any oils, greases, finger prints etc. from surfaces
  • Used by dental surgeries to dry instruments that have been through the ultrasonic cycle
  • High concentrations of polyamide make this an absorbent wiper
  • Versatile multipurpose, reusable
  • Convenient packs of 10 wipes can be stored anywhere for ready access
  • Long lasting

Product Code: 4-40012


The lint-free MicroMAX cloth is a soft, smooth, non-abrasive microfibre cloth. Ideal for for polishing, glass cleaning and other delicate surfaces. The weave and composition of fibres capture and trap dirt, grime and grease. It is a very low linting cloth and does not leave any lint or loose fibres after wiping surfaces. Ideal for delicate surface cleaning, involving light chemicals and cleaning solutions. A popular option to wipe down surfaces in medical facilities. Also used by valets to clean car interiors, as well as hospitality staff to polish glasses. A low linting, smooth soft cloth has applications in every industry.
Outlined below are the key features of the MicroMAX cloth:-

Soft and Non-Abrasive:

The MicroMAX is smooth to the touch. The soft microfibre material is non-abrasive and will not scratch or damage surfaces.


The MicroMAX cleaning wipes are made from woven polyamide and polyester. It is an excellent absorbent of liquids. It can soak up excess liquids and you can wipe a surface clean and dry without too much effort.

Traps Dirt:

The fibres in the lint-free MicroMAX cloth attract and trap dirt. The tiny fibres are ideal for removing dirt and dust from surfaces. Wash and rinse the cloth after use, and reuse without worry of dirt getting transferred.

Low Linting / Lint-Free:

The lint-free MicroMAX cloth is perfect for removing fingerprints, smudges, marks and stains. Used to clean glass, windows, metal and stainless steel surfaces. Also used to polish acrylic surfaces. It does not leave any lint residue after wiping. Soft and non-abrasive.


Medical, hospitality and healthcare workers are at a higher risk of germ contamination. As are people working in aged care and child care. This risk reduces when using disposable cloths, by disposing of the germs with the cloth.. The MicroMAX disposable wiper offers these hygienic benefits. It is a cost-effective disposable wipe ideal for maintaining hygienic standards. Prevent the spread of germs by disposing of the MicroMAX after use.


The lint-free MicroMAX cloth has durability and can be used many times.. The polyester component makes this product tough and tear resistant. It has both the strength and soft non-abrasive sensitivity. The polyamide gives it its absorbency. Combined, these features give the MicroMAX its advantage. Its durability makes it suitable for light industrial and manufacturing tasks.

Cost Effective:

Best of all is the fact that without sacrifice to quality, this is a low cost wiping option. The economics mean that the MicroMAX can be disposed of after a few wipes. These convenient disposable microfibre cleaning wipes come in packs of 10 wipes. Using the right cloth with your chemicals also saves time and money. You need the right cleaning solution to get rid of deep-seated dirt. You also need the right low lint cloth to make all the difference. The lint-free MicroMAX cloth beats conventional microfibre cloths, sponges, and rags. It has so many more benefits to offer.

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