23 cm x 23 cm • 100 cloths per pack • 10 packs per carton

Colour: White

  • A smooth, soft, scratch free and lint-free polishing cloth
  • Polish glass, screens, iPads, iPhones, monitors, lenses, metal surfaces
  • Ideal for any delicate surfaces requiring a non-abrasive polishing cloth
  • Cleans sensitive equipment parts in the printing and electronics industries
  • Medical and dental practices use them to dry, clean and polish instruments.
  • Made from a microfibre polyamide fabric that has high absorbency
  • Soaks up spills and can be used to apply and remove liquids and solvents
  • Double bag packaging to reduce contamination


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Product Code: 4-230N2


Looking for a soft, smooth cloth that will not scratch surfaces or leave behind lint? And, something to polish sensitive surfaces? For example, stainless steel, glass, lenses, mirrors or other delicate surfaces? Why not try TIDDOX’s LINT-FREE POLISHING CLOTH? Made from soft, fine microfibres that pick up dirt. And, very absorbent too! Also, they will absorbs most fluids, including solvents and oils. So, strong enough not to dissolve when used with chemicals. Also, they have a soft, smooth feel to them. Hence, perfect for polishing and cleaning surfaces without scratching them.

Care has been taken to reduce any contamination by packing them in two bags.

This LINT-FREE POLISHING CLOTH can be used for various tasks. For instance, polishing delicate surfaces. Yes, these glass cleaning wipes are also just as effective in polishing metal and steel surfaces. They will remove finger prints and leave a streak free finish. Also, a great mopping up cloth for general spills. And, you can use it with alcohols, chemicals, solvents and detergents. Finally, they have a reliable strength and tear resistance to them.

In fact, these nonwoven microfibre cloths get used in a variety of businesses. For example, pharma compounding and biotech labs. Also, where the user needs to clean sensitive equipment parts, like in the printing and electronics industries. They make great polishing cloths for glass monitors, screens,  iPhones, iPads and mirrors. Also jewelry stores use them to polish diamonds. Medical and dental practices use them to dry, clean and polish instruments.


Another similar product to the LINT-FREE POLISHING CLOTH is the MICROMAX WIPES. These delicate polishing wipes also have a non-abrasive, smooth texture.

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