Lint Free Wipes

150 wipes per pack • 10 Packs per Carton  • 22 cm x 22 cm

Colour: White

  • Versatile, multipurpose, lint free cleaning wipes
  • Tight double knitted continuous fabric with laser sealed edges
  • Minimal particle and fiber generation
  • Low contaminant cloths
  • Washed, cleanroom processed and vacuum packed
  • Soft and non-abrasive cloth
  • Strong, stretching material with high tensile and tear strength
  • Heavyweight and absorbent
  • Compatible with chemicals and cleaning agents
  • Ideal for delicate cleaning glass screens, iPads and iPhones
  • Perfect for sensitive surfaces like print heads
  • Used to wipe down glass prior to printing
  • Used for cleanroom applications and in pharma and microelectronics
  • Also available in a Larger size (30cm x 30cm) or a Smaller Size (10cm x 10cm)

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Product Code: 6-22022


How do you make lint free wipes? The answer lies in the construction, manufacturing and packaging process. We begin with the construction. To minimise lint, we use a continuous tightly double knitted yarn. The polyester fabric has a high tensile strength so will not break. The heavyweight fabric gives the cloth added absorbency. The edges of the cloths get laser sealed to prevent loose fibers escaping. The cleanliness of the product comes from washing it in de-ionized water. Then vacuum packed in a Class 100 (ISO Class 5) cleanroom to reduce contaminants. The result is a hygienic, soft, lint free cloth that will not damage sensitive surfaces.

POLYSOFT WIPES will not leave behind any lint or “fluff” after use. In fact, they are ideal for delicate surfaces and sensitive equipment. For example, cleaning print heads, wiping glass prior to printing or cleanroom tasks. Also, the soft lint free material will not scratch surfaces. Because they are made from a heavy weight fabric they are strong and have extra absorbency. 
Because of these features, lint free POLYSOFT WIPES get used in many industries. For example, pharma, food processing and aviation. Also, the electronics industry uses them on circuit boards and equipment. And, research labs use these cloths to reduce contaminants when wiping down surfaces. Printers also use them a lot.
Below are a few examples of applications of the lint free POLYSOFT WIPES:-


Printers use these lint free wipes for cleaning sensitive parts. For example, cleaning cartridge and print heads and nozzles. Also. great for cleaning cylinders and drums. Why? Because, not only are they lint free, but they also absorb inks and show up dirt. And, they are good for applying and removing solvents and chemicals.


Commercial painters, canvass artists and spray booths use these lint free cloths. Again, they are ideal for delicate wiping jobs. And, they ensure that no lint remains on the surface once painted.


Hospitals, aged care facilities and child care centers need soft cloths. In fact, soft cloths for patients’ sensitive skin. Thus, they love these convenient, single use disposable wipers.


Medical device parts need cleaning with lint free cloths. For example, drying and wiping endoscopes and surgical instruments. Hence, they use POLYSOFT WIPES. 


Car cleaners rely on POLYSOFT WIPES to polish and valet cars. Also, they are great for cleaning windows, glass and mirrors.


Looking for a wiper that will give you smudge free finishes? Try POLYSOFT WIPES! Used by cafes, restaurants and hotels. And, this  cloth will also clean drinking glasses spotlessly.


Why do cleanrooms love using these knitted polyester wipes? Because in controlled environments lint control is critical. So, using a lint free wipe is important. Hence, Used these wipes get used in research labs. Also by pharma companies. In fact, POLYSOFT WIPES are used in many ISO 5 to ISO 9 cleanrooms.


Lint free wipes are needed for cleaning some equipment parts. So, in these cases, the soft POLYSOFT WIPES and get used. Also, they can reach into crevices with ease. And, they suit controlled manufacturing areas.

So try the POLYSOFT product! Strong and Tear Resistant close-knit polyester. An Absorbent heavyweight cloth compatible with chemicals. Clean and Sterile. Soft and Non-Abrasive for scratch sensitive surfaces.

You may also wish to consider the WHITE RHINO ROLL. Similar to the LINT FREE MICROMAX and LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES.

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