lintNIL Wipes

150 wipes per pack • 10 Packs per Carton  • 30 cm x 30 cm

Colour: White

LintNIL Wipes are ideal for lint-sensitive tasks. These soft wipes work well with solvents and chemicals to polish glass, clean lenses, prepare surfaces to ensure no lint-residue remains. Also used for handling delicate optical components parts, and even packaging fragile items.


  • Ideal for polishing glass, windows, and optical lenses
  • Popular glass cleaning disposable cloth used in restaurants, hotels, cafes, and bars
  • IT and electronic companies use these wipes for cleaning delicate components and instruments
  • Super soft cloths suitable for sensitive skin. Used in maternity wards, hospitals, and aged care facilities
  • Good for general cleaning processes of rooms and equipment
  • Used as a packaging cloth for delicate parts and precision optical components
  • Popular with sign writers and sign makers for surface preparation tasks
  • Low in extractable ions and non-volatile residue
  • Double bagged for less contamination, therefore suits cleanroom procedures
  • High tensile strength and heavy weight construction
  • Non-sterile, polyester nonwoven material


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Product Code: 6-30025

LintNIL Wipes ideal for Polishing and Cleaning Sensitive Surfaces

Because they’re so soft and don’t leave lint behind, LintNIL Wipes are popular in many industries. Not only are they soft and non-abrasive, they’re lint-free wipes too! Hence, these two features make them ideal for lint-sensitive and delicate cleaning tasks. For example, polishing glass surfaces, windows, optical lenses, and sensors. In addition, they’re great for packing fragile items or cleaning optical components. In fact, the applications go on and on. For instance, sign writers use them for surface preparation tasks. And, electronic firms use them as they are soft, lint-free and non-abrasive. Actually, any task that need a non-scratch, lint-free cloth!
Because of the way they’re made, they have few ions and non-volatile residue. So, this means there’s less lint in these nonwoven wipes. Not only non-linting, but also very soft to touch. Hence, perfect for delicate cleaning jobs. Also, compatible and resistant to solvents and acids. Therefore, you can use these wipes to apply alcohol and chemicals to surfaces.
Because we pack these wipes in a cleanroom, there is less risk of any contamination. 
We illustrate below a few of the applications and industries that use this product.


The glass industry, in particular, loves these glass cleaning cloths. Few cloths make the grade for glass professionals like these do. Cloths get priority brand recognition among glass manufacturers. They use this product and recommend it down the supply chain. Popular with glaziers as well as glass and windscreen installers/repairers.
Used in the manufacture, installation, maintenance, and replacement of glass. A common consumable in cleaning shower screens, mirrors, and splash backs.


Used by optometrists to clean lenses. Therefore ideal for polishing delicate optical instruments and parts.


Research labs choose these lint-free wipes for sensitive cleaning of lenses.


Aviation companies like for example the low linting qualities that this product offers.


A non-sterile wipe used in critical control environments. The manufacturing process reduces the chance of lint contamination. Also, the soft texture of the polyester makes it ideal for sensitive cleaning tasks.


Used by tradesmen for applying residues and adhesives. They need a non-abrasive cloth in applying these solutions. Printers find them useful when applying IPA and chemicals. They also get used in automotive garages to remove and apply degreasers.

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