6 Cloths per Pack • 10 Packs per Carton • 60 Cloths per Carton

Colours: Blue Green Pink Yellow White 

  • High quality, low linting microfibre cloths available in a range of colours
  • Multipurpose applications in childcare, hospitality, healthcare and automotive businesses
  • Suited to tasks that require a low lint, highly absorbent cloth, such as glass cleaning
  • Strong, durable, reusable
  • Warp knit premium product
  • Washable and reusable
  • Use wet or dry, with or without chemicals
  • Colour coded options
PRODUCT CODE:   (B) 4-3901B      
PRODUCT CODE:   (G) 4-3901G      
PRODUCT CODE:   (P ) 4-3901P      
PRODUCT CODE:   (Y) 4-3901Y      
PRODUCT CODE:   (W) 4-3901W      



Because these are made from premium microfibre, they don’t lint. Hence, they’re great quality cloths for childcare, healthcare and lint sensitive wiping tasks. In fact, that’s why these multipurpose LOW-LINT MICROFIBRE CLEANING CLOTHS are so popular. Not only are they non-abrasive, they’re also very strong and durable. Yet soft enough to wipe a toddler’s face. And, they’re great for polishing surfaces. For example, windows, mirrors, lenses, stainless-steel counter tops, or floors. Because of their low-lint fabric, they’re perfect for shining glass or mirrors.

So often, cloths don’t absorb well. But not these multipurpose cloths! Because they’re large (40 cm x 40 cm), they’re popular in day care facilities, schools, aged care and other healthcare organisations. Just drop one of these towels on a spill it or mess, and problem solved. They’re that absorbent! For instance, in elder-care situations, use them to gently wipe and dry a person’s hands.

In addition, these premium microfibre cloths come in many colours. Hence, it’s easier to colour code them.

Medical Towels

Because medical staff deal with all sorts of fluids and mess, they need good quality, absorbent cloths. For example, ones that will rapidly absorb fluids, including urine, blood, vomit etc. Hence, these are an ideal solution to keep at the nurses’ station.  So try these soft, absorbent MEDICAL LOW LINT MICROFIBRE CLEANING CLOTHS! Furthermore, they are colour coded for versatility. And, launder them over and over again.

Car Care Microfibre Cloths

As we all know, detailing goes better when using quality products, opt for the professional choice of cloth. And, by using these LOW LINT CAR CARE MICROFIBRE WIPES notice how car interiors and exteriors shine. In fact they’re perfect for buffing and polishing surfaces. Not only are they soft, but very absorbent too! Ideal for shining windows, mirrors, and chrome. Also, they don’t have any lint on them so you won’t have that mess to deal with. So, use them to buff out the new wax job or soak in solvent to scrub off tar. Yes, these towels can do it all! And, you can wash them and use them again!

Hospitality Cleaning Cloths

Did you know you can launder and reuse the HOSPITALITY LOW LINT MICROFIBRE CLOTHS? And, these soft, highly absorbent cloths also come in different colours. So, you can allocate different colour cloths to separate tasks or areas. By using a colour-coded cloth system you improve hygiene and reduce cross-spread of germs.  Hence, a cleaner facility! Not only are these cloths great in restaurant kitchens, but also front of house to clean tables and bar counters. So, help your staff by providing them premium microfibre cloths, and at the same time you’ll improve productivity.

Healthcare Low-Lint Microfibre Cloths

Because healthcare and aged care facilities go through lots of towels, quality matters. So, we often get feedback that it’s a relief to find good quality, colour-coded HEALTHCARE LOW LINT MICROFIBRE CLOTHS. Not only are these soft enough to be used on skin, but also tough enough to scrub a table top.

Industrial Cleaning Cloths

Besides healthcare and hospitality, these INDUSTRIAL LOW LINT MICROFIBRE WIPES are also not bad for cleaning industrial equipment and machinery. Because they are low-lint and soft, they’re ideal for wiping down fine-tolerance tools. But, they are also tough enough for messy clean ups.

Automotive Towels

Similarly, you can also use them in the garage as LOW LINT AUTOMOTIVE MICROFIBRE TOWELS. In fact, they’ll soak up oil, grease, antifreeze, and even brake fluid. Furthermore, they are strong enough to be used to scrub up a mess.

Other microfibre products include the MICROMAX, the GENERAL PURPOSE MICROFIBRE CLOTHS and the MICROFIBRE LENS CLOTH.

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