Open Size Sheet M3 - Cleaning Wipes

100 wipes per pack • 30 Packs per Carton  • 25 cm x 25 cm

Colour: White

  • Very absorbent, soft and non-abrasive, lint free cellulose based wipes
  • Ideal for cleaning laboratory instruments, benches, trolleys and other surfaces
  • Perfect for removing fingerprints from the aluminium mirrors
  • Used as acrylic polishing wipes due to soft non-abrasive texture
  • Also used to polish and clean marks and stains off upholstery, leather and wood
  • Multipurpose solvent resistant wipes
  • Low particle and fibre generation due to continuous filament construction
  • Anti-static and heat resistant
  • 100% biodegradable and disposable
  • Binder free and additive free
  • Wipe open size : 25 cm x 25 cm (quarter folded)

TIDDOX’s lint free M3 Wipes are highly absorbent, soft non woven cleaning wipes. Moreover, this biodegradable cellulose product has a cloth softness. An equally important feature of this disposable wipe is its absorbency. Furthermore it offers the user a lint free choice to control fibre contamination. As a result, all these features make it perfect for tasks requiring a soft, absorbent cotton cloth. This cellulose based absorbent wiper soaks up many times its own weight. These environmentally friendly, biodegradable wipes are free of polyester, binders or additives. Anti-static and resistant to high temperatures and solvents.


Product Code: 6-M3



Never an easy thing to find, a lint free wipe. But now we have M3 Wipes in stock we want to share them with you. The applications are wide and varied, as are the industry uses. Over the years we have found our regular users of the product tend to use them as follows:-

  • For use on delicate surfaces and sensitive cleaning.
  • Cleaning sensitive equipment. For example DVD’s, CD’s, magnetic tapes, disks, glass lenses and monitors.
  • Cleaning medical instruments and equipment. For instance, those in laboratories and cleanrooms.
  • Polishing acrylic and other plastic surfaces without scratching them. Not only is it used as a disposable polishing cloth on delicate acrylic cleaning tasks, but also other scratch sensitive surfaces. Similarly, other jobs that need a lint free, non-abrasive cotton soft wiper that has good absorbency.
  • Applications where, for example, chemicals get applied to remove sealants and glues
  • As there is no viscose or polyester, lower risk of scratching. Consequently, these wipes get used fr polishing and cleaning microscopes, telescope lenses and binoculars.
  • Next, tasks involving cleaning electrical equipment use these M3 wipes.
  • Another big user of them includes silk screen printers.
  • Similarly, used for removing makeup and nail cleaning jobs in beauty salons. These M3 wipes do not disintegrate with nail polish removal solvents.
  • Likewise, M3 Wipes make a soft absorbent bandage gauze for use in aged care homes and hospitals.
  • As well as healthcare, the food production industry also uses this low lint, absorbent, durable cloth.
  • Finally, popular for cleaning glass windscreens and mirrors


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