Open Size Sheet M3 - Cleaning Wipes

100 wipes per pack • 30 Packs per Carton  • 25 cm x 25 cm

Colour: White

  • Very absorbent, soft and non-abrasive wipes
  • Suited to tasks that require lint free wipes
  • Eco-friendly biodegradable wipes
  • Ideal for cleaning laboratory instruments, benches, trolleys and other surfaces
  • Perfect for removing fingerprints from the aluminium mirrors
  • Used as acrylic polishing wipes due to soft non-abrasive texture
  • Also used to polish and clean marks and stains off upholstery, leather and wood
  • Suited to wiping oils on furniture.
  • Lint free wipes with ultra low particle and fibre generation
  • Solvent resistant wipes
  • Anti-static wipes
  • Heat resistant wipes
  • No binders and additive free

TIDDOX’s lint free M3 Wipes are highly absorbent, soft non woven cleaning wipes. Moreover, this biodegradable cellulose product has a cloth softness. An equally important feature of this disposable wipe is its absorbency. Furthermore it offers the user a lint free choice to control fibre contamination. As a result, all these features make it perfect for tasks requiring a soft, absorbent cotton cloth. This cellulose based absorbent wipe soaks up many times its own weight. These environmentally friendly, biodegradable wipes are free of polyester, binders or additives. Anti-static and resistant to high temperatures and solvents.


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Product Code: 6-M3



As you know, its never an easy thing to find, a lint free wipe. But these 100% cotton cellulose wipes are specially designed for delicate lint-sensitive cleaning tasks.

For example these disk polishing wipes are used for cleaning DVD’s, CD’s, magnetic tapes, disks, glass lenses and monitors. Similarly, they clean medical instruments and equipment. Other lint sensitive cleaning tasks include cleaning electrical equipment and food production surface cleaning.

And, because they are non-scratch wipes, use them to polish acrylic and other plastic surfaces.

Besides their non-abrasive feature, they’re also solvent resistant. So you can use them with cleaning chemicals to remove sealants and glues. Or to clean glass windscreens and mirrors. In fact, they’re often used to polish and clean microscopes, telescope lenses and binoculars. Another application use is removing makeup and cleaning nails with these wipes. Even wiping down silk screen printers.

Above all, they’re soft to the touch. Combined with their larger apertures, they resemble gauze. As such, some aged care homes and hospitals use them to wipe and bandage wounds.

Finally they’re eco-friendly disposable wipes. Yes, 100% biodegradable cotton cellulose wipes made entirely of biodegradable materials.

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