MAXI WIPES CLASSIC (38 cm x 38 cm)
12 wipes per packet • 20 packs per carton • 240 wipes

Colours: GreenBlueRedYellow

  • Multipurpose medium weight sponge cloths that are very absorbent – capable of soaking up 8 times their own weight in liquids
  • Popular is restaurants, hospitality, schools, childcare, aged care, healthcare and industrial applications
  • Very high viscose component for maximum absorbency
  • Colour coded for use in different areas / and for incompatible tasks
  • Squeeze, Rinse, Reuse
  • Washable and reusable
  • Available in various colours, sizes and thicknesses (for thicker and larger cloths use the MAXI WIPES PREMIUM or SUPERMAX)
PRODUCT CODE: (G) 3-38011 (B) 3-38012
  (R) 3-38013 (Y) 3-38014



There are cloths and then there are sponges….with MAXI WIPES you get both! MAXI WIPES CLASSIC are the ultimate thick sponge cloth! They can absorb 8 times their own weight in liquid! Plus they are re-usable! Squeeze, rinse and reuse (even laundered) for longer life! Furthermore, it is colour coded for applications in healthcare and hospitality. We’ve outlined a few of its applications below:-
MAXI WIPES CLASSIC are high in viscose rayon fibres. This gives them their huge absorbency capacity. They soak up multiples times their own weight in liquids. The viscose content ensures that the cloth is soft and will not scratch surfaces. They are compact warpped in packs of 12 cloths, with 20 packs in a carton. Place the convenient packs around a workplace on tables for easy access. Or have staff carry them for quick wiping of surface spills and dirt. They are a great multi-purpose cloth with a wide ranging applications!
AUTOMOTIVE MAXI WIPES have applications in washing and drying vehicles. Their soft texture will not scratch or damage metal and fibre glass surfaces. Their thick absorption abilities make them useful in drying wet vehicles. The soak up large quantities of water as a vehicle washing cloth. Very popular with dealerships, detailing companies and car wash businesses.
HOSPITALITY MAXI WIPES are used in hotels, pubs, clubs and bars. And of course in restaurants and cafes which use them both front of house and back of house. Ideal table cleaning cloth with waitresses, bar tenders and servers. Indispensable kitchen cloth in food processing areas. The four colour availability is a positive feature in hospitality venues. By restricting a colour to a certain area or task reduces the risk of germ cross contamination.
INDUSTRIAL MAXI WIPES are a useful cloth when it comes to soaking up spills in industrial areas. Used in manufacturing, mining, engineering and other factory environments. A increasingly popular replacement for recycled tshirt rags. MAXI WIPES are a workshop rag alternative, offering the same if not better benefits. They are soft, non-abrasive, absorb water and solvents, and cost effective. Listed below are other benefits that these cloths have over rags:-
  • Uniform in both size and nature. This reduces wastage and guarantees consistent performance. Bags of rags are inconsistent in both absorbency, mix and cut.
  • Rags may contain zips, pins and buttons which can scratch surfaces and be harmful to the user.
  • MAXI WIPES are cleaner and more hygienic than recycled t-shirt rags.
  • MAXI WIPES are less bulky which makes them cheaper to ship and store.


MEDICAL MAXI WIPES have many applications in hospitals, vets and aged care. They are a cost effective, disposable wiping solution. Very soft on the skin so make ideal patient wash cloths. Their absorption make them useful in urine spills from both animals and humans. They can dry instruments, absorb random surface spills, and wipe down medical equipment. As they can be used in a colour coding system, they assist in restricting the spread of germs. Green cloths get allocated to kitchen areas. Restrict blue cloths to general area cleaning tasks. Specify red cloths in high germ areas such as toilets and bathrooms. Allocate yellow cloths to specialty areas or tasks.
Above are examples of the industries and tasks for the MAXI WIPES CLASSIC cloths. If your organisation is not already using them, give them a try…you won’t be disappointed!