10 wipes per pack • 10 packs per carton • 38 cm x 40 cm

Colours: Blue

  • Thick, blue viscose cloth, with a soft texture and high absorbency
  • Used as a general cleaning cloth in Hospitality, Aged Care and Schools
  • Multi-purpose, general cleaning wipes
  • Very soft sponge-like, thick, absorbent cloths
  • Convenient packs of 10 wipes
  • Works like a sponge: soaks and absorbs multiple times after each squeeze and rinse


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Product Code: 3-40022


In restaurants, nursing homes and schools, spills occur regularly. What’s needed are the super cloths known as PREMIUM MAXI WIPES BLUE. Not only do they absorb 8 times their own weight in fluids, they’re convenient. For instance, each pack has ten thick cloths. Consequently, this allows you to distribute a few packs around. Furthermore, the cloths are soft and non-abrasive. As a result, they make great wash cloths for the elderly or patients in hospitals. There are larger sizes available – see SUPERMAX FLOOR PADS.

In addition, these blue VISCOSE CLOTHS can be washed and reused. This aspect extends the life of the product and helps stretched budgets. As well as economical, they offer superior performance mopping up liquids off surfaces. Place one of these SUPER CLOTHS down, and once the surfaces dries, squeeze the cloth and reuse. Moreover, they make super drying towels, absorbing liquids rapidly.

Also referred to as blue J-CLOTHS because of the thick viscose material. Undoubtedly durable and absorbent.

PREMIUM MAXI WIPES BLUE cloths get used everywhere. For example, aged care facilities use them as general cleaning cloths. Another example is restaurant staff, who use them to clean and dry counters and tables. Kitchens love them for getting pots and pans clean. Schools, offices, and healthcare facilities also use MAXI WIPES.

Use these blue super cloths to keep areas dry, hygienic and clean. But, don’t use the same cloth for all areas and jobs! For example, use different colours for different jobs or areas. In addition to BLUE, we also have YELLOW, GREEN and RED/PINK.

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