SuperMAX Absorbing pads

200 XL cloths per carton • 60cm x 50cm

Colours: Orange

  • Used in hospitals and veterinary clinics to soak up large surface spills
  • Rapid absorption action – soaks up multiple times its own weight in liquid
  • Made from soft, strong rayon fibers
  • Multiple uses from floor pad, bath mat, urine mop up cloth, wash cloth, surface and floor drying cloth
  • Extra large size, and very thick, providing an effective, quick drying solution
  • Economically packed in 200 washable disposable wipes per carton
  • Sponge like material, allows user to squeeze, rinse and reuse


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Product Code: 3-60027


Medical doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers have a list of requirements for medical wipes. They need to be hygienic, effective, absorbent and disposable. But sometimes, you just need a super absorbent towel that can stop a mess in progress. In fact, the SuperMAX medical giant mop up cloth can hold 8 times its own weight in liquid. This makes all the difference in containing large floor spills in a medical situation.

In fact, they get used as bath towels as well. Because of their thickness and absorbency. Also, the soft material does not irritate the skin of patients.

However, it’s stand feature is its absorbency! For example, it quickly soaks up urine, vomit, feces, or blood. Moreover, it can hold these fluids, preventing them from dripping and running. As a result, in emergency situations, this medical absorption pad can mean the difference between a dangerously slick floor and solid footing.

Besides, this highly absorbent, heavy weight, medical wipe gets used by vets, dentists, and emergency medical workers too. In addition to absorbing large volumes of liquid, this cloth can be wrung out like a sponge as well. Consequently, these towels are very popular because they hold lots of fluid. And, they’re affordable and disposable.

The SuperMAX cloth measures 60 cm x 50 cm, which is large. Some users cut the cloths into smaller sizes that staff can keep on their person. As a result, we’ve made a smaller sized cloth from the same absorbent material called MAXI WIPES (40 cm x 38 cm size), and it’s available in various colours.

Other similar medical cleaning cloths include MEDICAL OMNIWIPES, INDUSTRO WIPES, and MAXI WIPES. 

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