12 wipes per pack • 20 packs per carton • 240 wipes

Colours: GreenBlueRedYellow

  • Medical surface cleaning cloth that rapids soaks up spills and urine
  • Popular in hospitals, clinics and in veterninary practices
  • Soaks up over 8 times its own weight in liquid
  • Portable, medium weight cloths, availble in various colours, thicknesses and sizes
  • Highly absorbent
  • Economical as it is washable and reusable
PRODUCT CODE: (G) 3-38011 (B) 3-38012
  (R) 3-38013 (Y) 3-38014


Hospital is the first place that we run to when we get sick. It’s the most equipped place to treat our unwell body. Whilst hospital provides relief, it can also be a place where infection and spread of diseases can happen. With different kinds of sick people coming in and out of the hospital, patients and medical staff are at risk of acquiring these diseases every day. It is important that proper sanitation and correct hygiene is practised, by not just the hospital staff, but also by the patients and their care givers, to avoid spreading infectious diseases. Healthcare professionals should be fully equipped with medical supplies that are of excellent quality. Against this backdrop, MAXI WIPES are one of the must-haves for healthcare professionals in hospitals, dental clinics and even veterinary clinics.

MAXI WIPES are fast absorbing medical sponge pads used to soak up unwanted spills or urine. Used as an animal urine sponge, dental patient cleaning cloths or hospital soaking pads, this product offers fast solutions when it comes to wiping up dirt, vomit and urine. It is also an excellent cloth to use in cleaning medical instruments, making sure that all tools used by medical professionals are clean, however clearly the cloths need to be colour coded and not mixed up between these tasks! As such, the MAXI WIPES are specifically colour coded and available in either Red, Green, Blue or Yellow, so they can be clearly identified as task specific, or even area specific, so as to reduce the risk of cross-contamination of germs and bacteria. This ensures that the same sponge that is used in cleanup a patient’s urine hopefully won’t be used in cleaning medical equipment!

MAXI WIPES are multipurpose and are used in a variety of capacities as a quick absorption sponge in medical practices, but can also be used in dental clinics where they serve as dental cloth pads used by dentists in cleaning all of their tools. Another example of this product’s versatility is that these wipes are also used in veterinary clinics as an animal urine sponge.

So if you are looking to save money, without any compromise to quality, try the colour coded medical MAXI WIPE sponges for quick, fast absorption of spills and mess. Available in convenient portable packs to be distributed through the practice.

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