Wash Up Cloths

10 cloths per pack • 10 packs per carton • 100 cloths per carton

Colours: GreenBlueRedYellow

  • Medical Sponge Cloths with extraordinary absorption capabilities.
  • Ideal for soaking up vast amount of liquids from table, counter and floor surfaces
  • Colour coded so can be used in all areas of a medical facility, from kitchens to bathrooms to floors, as well as on patients
  • Very soft, thick sponge viscose material. These viscose cloths absorb multiple times their own weight
  • Also available in larger sizes (see the SUPERMAX cloths) or the smaller CLASSIC MAXI WIPES
  • Washable and reusable
  • Affordable and disposable


PRODUCT CODE: (G) 3-40021 (B) 3-40022
  (R) 3-40023 (Y) 3-40024


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MEDICAL MAXI WIPES PREMIUM are heavy weight, soft sponge cloths. Above all, they soak up unwanted spills and dry surfaces. As a result, they get used in medical practices, hospitals and aged care facilities. And, because of the softness these multipurpose wash cloths get used as personal care sponges too. For example, these patient wash cloths get used in aged care and hospitals.

But why are they so absorbent you ask? Because of their high concentrations of viscose material. As a result, this gives the cloth a huge absorption capacity! Consequently these wipes can absorb many multiples of their own weight in liquids. Similar to a sponge. For instance, soak, squeeze and use again.
An ideal product to soak up spills quickly off the surfaces, counters and floors. For example, cleaning bathrooms and kitchen areas.
The MEDICAL MAXI WIPES PREMIUM comes in multiple colours. This allows for colour coding to prevent bacteria spread and cross contamination. For example, use a Red MAXI WIPES Cloth to mop up bathrooms, and a Green MAXI WIPES cloth in the kitchen. 
And, by washing and reusing, you’ll get many uses out of these cloths. However, please sanitise them before using. And when finally disposing of them, any contamination on the cloth gets discarded as well.
So, give the MEDICAL MAXI WIPES PREMIUM a try! Because you will find these absorbent cloths very useful in a variety of tasks. For instance, whether its cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms or toilets, or general wiping chores. Available in convenient packs of 10 cloths. 
Other medical cleaning wipes include MAXI WIPES CLASSIC, the GIANT MOP UP CLOTH and COLOUR CODED WIPES ON A ROLL.

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