10 cloths per pack • 10 packs per carton • 100 cloths per carton

Colours: GreenBlueRedYellow

  • Medical Sponge Cloths with extraordinary absorption capabilities. Ideal for soaking up vasts amount of liquids from table, counter and floor surfaces
  • Colour Coded so can be used in all areas of a medical facility, from kitchens to bathrooms to floors, as well as on patients
  • Very soft, thick sponge viscose material. These viscose cloths absorb over 8 times their own weight
  • Also available in larger sizes (see TITAN or SUPERMAX viscose cloths) or the smaller CLASSIC MAXI WIPES
  • Washable and Reusable. Affordable and Disposable
PRODUCT CODE: (G) 3-40021 (B) 3-40022
  (R) 3-40023 (Y) 3-40024


MEDICAL MAXI WIPES are heavy weight soft sponge cloths used in medical practices, including hospitals, dental surgeries and veterinary practices, to soak up unwanted spills quickly.

Because they are manufactured from mostly viscose material they have a huge absorption capacity, for rapid drying of liquid spills – very much like a sponge – and once the liquid has been soaked up the cloth can be squeezed out and used over and over again. These wipes have the capacity to absorb many multiples of their own weight in liquids. This impressive absorption capacity makes them an ideal product to soak up spills quickly off the surfaces, counters and floors.

Whilst they can be used for general mopping up jobs in bathrooms, kitchens and general areas, because they are extremely soft and non-abrasive, they are also used as patient wash cloths in the medical industry. Because of the varied applications for which the MAXI WIPES can be used, they are available in 4 separate colours, called colour coding, so that a cloth used to mop up a job in the bathroom does not end up being used in the kitchen. Typically kitchen cloths are allocated the Green Maxi Wipes and bathroom cloths are allocated the Red Maxi Wipes.

MAXI WIPES are perfect medical sponge cloths in hygienic conscious environments where the risk of cross contamination between areas and tasks is high. Not only are they are effective in performing the tasks of rapidly absorbing any dangerous liquid spills, because they are also colour coded there is prevention exercised, and as a final sanitation measure they can be disposed of  thereby disposing of any contamination with the cloth after use (or after multiple uses if one decides to sanitize the cloths, and then wash and reuse).

So, give the PREMIUM MAXI WIPES a try, and you will find these absorbent cloths very useful in a variety of tasks, whether its cleaning the kitchen, maintaining hygiene in bathrooms and toilets, or general wiping, dusting and cleaning. They are available in convenient packs of 10 cloths, and the colour coded system will prevent cross contamination in your medical facility.

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