50 wipes per pack • 12 packs per carton • 600 wipes per carton

Colour: White

  • A soft, gentle white cleaning wipe used for drying medical instruments
  • Used in hospitals to wipe dry the outside of the endoscopes
  • Used as personal care cloths for incontinence
  • Dentists use them as swabbing cloths between patients
  • Non-abrasive, low lint, absorbent cloth
  • Strong and durable
  • Highly absorbent
  • Disposable


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Product Code: 1-30025


Healthcare workers and nurses go through loads of medical cleaning wipes every day. Although some of them get laundered for reuse, most are disposable. However, with OMNIWIPES you get an affordable alternative to these types of medical wipes. With OMNIWIPES you get a high-quality disposable healthcare cloth. Moreover, a cloth that has superior absorbency and softness.
Because these cloths are low linting, absorbent and disposable, they’re perfect for hospitals to clean and dry endoscopes.
Furthermore, they’re also used extensively in aged care facilities for personal care and hygiene. For example, their softness and absorbency of make them suitable for incontinence care. In fact, they’re used as incontinence cloths by many aged care facilities. Also, not only do these patient wipes absorb fluids with ease, they also can absorb semi-solids too. And, as they are soft, absorbent and gentle, you can use them as wash cloths on a patient’s skin.
In addition, dental surgeries and vet clinics used them to swab surfaces and dry instruments.
So, if you have an emergency, grab an OMNIWIPE to absorb the fluids. No matter whether those fluids are blood, urine or feces. And, OMNIWIPES come in convenient packs of 50 cloths. Hence easy to transport and store.
Also, the super absorbency of these medical wipes means that you don’t have to use as many of them. And, they make your job safer because they will contain a mess. Furthermore, in doing so they limit contamination in your work area.

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