24.5cm x 35cm • 70m x 4 Rolls per Carton
200 Perforated wipes per roll

Colours: Blue or White

  • Small Scrim Rolls for economical, convenient, tear-off paper towel wiping tasks
  • Used in Hospitals; Dental Surgeries, Veterinary Practices and other Medical Organisations
  • Boosted absorbtion properties through 4-plys of woodpulp tissue
  • Its nylon scrim webbing immersed between the plys of tissue give it added strength and durability
  • 200 perforated sheets per roll reduces wastage found in unperforated rolls
  • Cost effective, disposable wiping solution
  • Wall dispensers available
PRODUCT CODE:  BLUE   CTN Of 4 ROLLS:     6-41942-PR


RAG-ON-A-ROLL, or “ROAR”, is one of the leading medical cleaning wipers on the market today. These medical wipes are used in hospitals, nursing homes, child care facilities, and dentists offices.

ROAR is made of four sheets of wood-pulp fabric layered with scrim. The nylon mesh of the scrim gives you strong, durable, hygienic paper towels that will last until you are finished cleaning – rather than coming apart as soon as they get wet.

With medical cleaning wipes, you need a product that can handle cleaning solvents without disintegrating and withstand a lot of scrubbing. On the other hand, you also need hospital wipes that are absorbent. ROAR’s four-ply construction means you have super-absorbent medical paper towels that will draw fluids into the fabric rather than smear it around.

These disposable hand towels come on a roll that can be mounted on the wall.

The roll is perforated to cut down on waste, and you can pull as many off as you need to handle a job.

ROAR is one of the top scrim rolls used in hospitals, partly because it is disposable.

You usually only get this kind of absorbency with cotton towels, but with ROAR, you can clean up messes and throw them away instead of laundering them.

They are great, too, as veterinary table wipes, yet soft enough to be used on human skin.

Once you try Rag-on-a-Roll, they will be your favourite disposable hand towels. Try them for medical wipes or medical cleaning cloths, and you won’t be disappointed. They are available as white Rag-On-A-Roll or blue ROAR.

People involved in healthcare usually find themselves in frequent need of good healthcare cleaning wipers. “RAG-ON-A-ROLL”, or ROAR, are perforated paper wipers that can be thrown away after they are used. This disposable feature makes them the preferred hygienic choice for healthcare, particularly for those in contact with the various fluids that often accompany care for children, patients, and others receiving health care.

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