50 wipes per pack • 6 packs per carton • 300 wipes per carton

Colour: White

  • Low lint, versatile polishing & scrubbing cloth used in medical organisations because of its alternate smooth and rough textured sides
  • Can handle multiple tasks and different applications
  • Works well with solvents and chemicals
  • Very absorbent woodpulp based cloth, with polyester for strength and durability
  • Convenient portable packs of 50 wipers
  • Economical and cost effective
  • 2 wipers in one!

Product Code: 6-38025


Medical care wipes have to withstand a lot of abuse. They must be absorbent to soak up all kinds of fluids and semi-fluids, they must be tough enough to scrub difficult stains. TIDDOX’s SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES are EXACTLY what you need in a medical cloth.

These medical solvent wipes come in packs of 50 wipes, and you get 6 packs in each carton. This makes it easy to place a package of wipers in various places in your nurses’ station.

One feature that makes these towels so versatile is the dual texture. One side is soft, and smooth enough to use against the skin of a patient. But the other side is rough, with texturing that helps you scrub up dried spills and marks.

This medical cloth is made of wood pulp that has been strengthened with polyester fibers. This increases its strength and durability, and makes it strong enough to withstand a wide variety of chemicals and solvents.

This is also a low-lint cloth, which makes it invaluable for cleaning medical tools, instruments, and machinery. It is soft enough to use for polishing mirrors and lenses without leaving specks of lint behind. These medical wipers are long lasting, but ultimately disposable, making them suitable to medical facility hygienic requirements of disposing germs with the wiper!

The wood pulp content of these wipers make them very absorbent, and they will quickly soak up messes in your lab or emergency department, or other facilities such as hospitals, veterinarians or dental clinics.

Order a case today, and you won’t want any other medical wiper.

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