White Rhino Roll

220 wipers per roll • 22.5cm x 38cm • 4 Rolls per Carton

Colours: White

  • Low lint, absorbent, tear resistant, white wiper
  • Used in dental, medical and vet practices to dry surgical instruments and to swab surfaces.
  • Production chemists like the low lint material for wiping benches and equipment
  • Economical, hygienic, disposable wiper
  • Solvent resistant so will not dissolve or leave stains when soaked in detergent solution to wipe and clean surgery
  • The white colour highlights any absorbed dirt
  • Each roll consists of 220 large easy to tear perforated sheets, which can be cut into quarters for further savings
  • Can also be used to polishes glass and stainless steel
  • Absorbent and strong mix of cellulose and polypropylene
  • Wall mounted dispensers available

Product Code: 6-X7025-PR


With the daily traffic of people going in & out of dental practices and hospitals, there is a high exposure to germs. As such medical professionals must observe the highest standards of cleanliness. Proper hygiene procedures reduce the spread of germs that might make other people sick.
One of the best ways to control this risk is through education and training of the staff. They must be aware of the potential hazardous risks of germ contamination. They must clean their hands, surfaces and instruments with good quality wipes. Single use disposable wipes are best as you can then dispose of these cloths after wiping. This immediately disposes of any germs or bacteria that have contamination the wiper.


WHITE RHINO WIPES are a good quality medical white cleaning wipes. They are cost effective, low lint, strong and solvent resistant. These characteristics make them popular for drying instruments and as cleaning swabs. Used by surgeries in the dental, medical and vet industries.
Dental surgeries use these medical white cleaning wipes in sterilisation rooms and surgeries.
In steri rooms they are responsible for drying surgical instruments. Because they are so absorbent and low linting, they are ideal for drying instruments. Tear off one of the 220 disposable medical white cleaning wipes, fold it in half and dry the instruments.
In surgeries these medical white cleaning cloths make great swabs. As the wipers are so large, many dental practices cut each wipe in quarters. They are then soaked in a sterilising detergent solution (such as Sonidet). They are solvent resistant and will not fall apart when used with chemicals. Each quarter swab wipes and cleans the surgery in the morning, between patients and at the end of day. 220 medical white cleaning wipes on a single roll is a very cost effective for dental practices.
These medical white cleaning wipes are unlike some coloured cleaning wipes. The white colour will not dissolve in the solvent solution and stain the surface. They are low lint, strong and solvent resistant, the white doesn’t stain the surface. It highlights dirt particles picked up during wiping.
Used by production chemists in day to day cleaning of equipment and bench surfaces. The low linting absorbent material makes an ideal disposable wiper in these facilities.