Oil Absorbent Wipes

50 wipes per pack • 30 cm x 30 cm

Colour: White

  • Great for surface preparation and surface cleaning tasks
  • Very absorbent of oil, grease, inks, solvents and chemicals
  • Solvent resistant so will not tear or fall apart easily when used with solvents
  • Made from a strong, heavy weight, low lint polypropylene fabric
  • Smooth, soft, non-scratch texture
  • Popular in hospitality and commercial kitchens, industrial and automotive workshops, panel beaters, painters and printers
  • Non-linting oil absorbing wipes


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Product Code: 5-300S3


Because with oils and solvents, you need to have specialist oil absorbing wipes. Hence, we designed these MELTBLOWN OIL ABSORBENT WIPES. Not only thick and absorbent, but versatile and multi-purpose too. In particular, they’re used in all sorts of businesses that deal with oil, grease, fats, lubricants, fuels, chemicals and solvents. For example, commercial kitchens, industrial and automotive workshops, panel beaters, painters and printers.

Generally, paper towels are used to deal with oil spills. However, inevitably this leads to a greater mess and drips all the way to the garbage can. But, with MELTBLOWN POLYPROPYLENE WIPES, you won’t have that problem. Because their super-absorbency means the polypropylene fibers grip the liquid or semi-liquid, holding onto it until you either wring it out or throw it away. And, that’s why businesses love these OIL ABSORBENT WIPES. Not only do they soak up oil and antifreeze in workshops, they also are handy in the kitchen for wiping grease, fats and cooking oils.

Because they’re made of strong, durable material, they’re capable of tough scrubbing when needed. And, their absorbency ensures that they hold onto absorbed solvents without coming apart. Furthermore, the sealed edges reduce the risk of lint. As such, they’re ideal for surface preparation tasks involving oils and solvents.

So, grab a pack of 50 wipes and see how you go! Or, even better, a carton of 10 packs to spread around the work place.

Because of their versatile features, these MELTBLOWN WIPES get used in various businesses. For example, we’ve outlined a few more common applications below:-


Because of oil spills, workshops rely on these OIL ABSORBENT INDUSTRIAL WIPES. Not only do they stay together during use (unlike paper towels), they don’t leave lint either. Also, you can use them to polish metal surfaces, glass and lenses. Furthermore, they have impressive absorbency to soak up spills, including solvents. Besides spill control, use them also for cleaning fine-tolerance tools.


Instead of using rags for oil spills, try our MELTBLOWN OIL ABSORBENT WIPES. Because they’re less bulky and cumbersome they make a fantastic rag substitute. And, they offer great consistency in absorbency and size than rags. Also, the increased effectiveness means that messes get soaked up rather than smeared. For instance, just drop one on the puddle under the radiator and it will contain the anti-freeze until you can get back to the mess.


Because of the grease, fats and oils in kitchens, these OIL WIPES are essential. Generally found it kitchens, but also useful at the restaurant bars to keep counters dry. And, housekeeping also use them. For example, to shine mirrors, scrub bathtubs and wipe down light switches.


Because of ink spills, printers need a special kind of ink absorbing wipe. And, because they’re ultra low linting, these absorbent MELTBLOWN PRINTERS’ WIPES also wipe down equipment.


Also, painters love these tough, solvent and paint absorbing wipes. Not only are they effective in dealing with solvents, they’re tear resistant and tough too.

So, order a carton of TIDDOX’s PAINTERS’ MELTBLOWN WIPES. An ideal solution for those delicate surface preparation tasks.

In addition, also consider our other oil absorbing wipes. For example, the JUMBO RHINO ROLL, the WHITE RHINO ROLL and our SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES.


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