Microfibre Knitted Wipes

23 cm x 23 cm • 100 Wipes per pack • 10 Packs per carton

Microfiber Knitted Wipes Sterile are soft, silky cloths used for cleaning and polishing sensitive surfaces. Popular in the automotive, pharmaceutical and microelectronic industries. This heavy weight cloth has superior absorbency for spill clean ups and fluid absorption. And, the tight knit microfibers in each cloth reduce lint and pick up dirt and contaminants from surfaces easily.

These polyester polyamide wipes undergo gamma ray sterilisation to reduce contamination. Each pack displays a red circle label showing that it has been irradiated.

Colour: White

  • Sterilised by gamma irradiation to a sterility assurance level of 10−6
  • Lint free, soft, silky microfiber cloth ideal for handling scratch sensitive surfaces
  • Tightly knit weave and laser cut sealed edges to minimise any loose particle or fiber generation
  • Heavy weight cloth that is compatible with and absorbent of lubricants, degreasers, solvents, chemicals, oils and other fluids
  • Use to clean equipment, lab instruments, parts and delicate surfaces, including disks, mirrors and optical lenses
  • High strength, durable fabric that can be applied to heavy duty polishing, scrubbing and cleaning tasks
  • Laundered and washed in a Class 5 (Class 100) cleanroom and triple bagged to reduce contamination
  • Used in microelectronics, laboratories, data storage facilities, automotive, industrial, and pharmaceutical sectors
  • Cleanroom environments: ISO 4 – 8 (Class 100)

In addition to sterilisation, these MICROFIBER KNITTED WIPES STERILE get triple bagged to reduce contamination.

Our NON-STERILE polyester polyamide MICROFIBER KNITTED WIPES get double bagged, but do not undergo gamma irradiation.


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Product Code: 4-230K3-S



STERILE MICROFIBER KNITTED WIPES rank as the best low contaminate cleanroom wipes. Not only do they have a soft, smooth, silky microfiber texture, but they can clean sensitive surfaces. Also, they work really well for polishing tasks. Hence, you find them in most cleanrooms across Australia.

So, to get the best results, try these TIDDOX wipes:- 

  • We use the best heavy weight fabric
  • They get washed with pure water
  • A lot of labour goes into each step
  • And, they get sterilised, before
  • The wipes then get vacuum packed into triple bags


The heavy weight of these lint free cloths makes them more absorbent. Hence, ideal for spill cleanups and fluid absorption.

Besides the lint free aspect, the micro fibres also trap dirt.

Also, they are one of the few wipes that undergo sterilisation. In fact, each pack displays a red circle label indicating irradiation has taken place.

The above features make these wipes perfect for use in microelectronics, laboratories and data storage facilities. Also, used in the automotive, industrial, and pharmaceutical sectors.

In summary, the key features of these sterile wipes include:-

  • Sterilisation by gamma irradiation to a sterility assurance level of 10−6
  • Made from lint-free, soft, and silky microfiber cloth
  • Ideal for handling scratch sensitive surfaces
  • TIDDOX wipes have a tight knit weave
  • Also, they have laser-cut sealed edges
  • Little loose fibre generation
  • They have a heavy-weight fabric to increase absorbency
  • They works well with lubricants, degreasers, solvents, chemicals, oils and other fluids
  • You can use them for cleaning delicate parts and lab items
  • They can wipe delicate surfaces, such as disks, mirrors, and optical lenses
  • And, their strength makes them ideal for heavy-duty polishing, scrubbing and cleaning
  • Washed in Class 5 (Class 100) cleanroom
  • And finally packed with triple bags

By contrast, our NON-STERILE wipes do not undergo gamma irradiation.


We have been in the industry for many years! So, we know what you need for your cleanroom. Also, we have have a wide range of knitted and nonwoven wipes. And, we can sterilise them, if needed. Besides, if we don’t have the size or weight you want, then we can custom make it for you.

Also, other benefits of dealing with TIDDOX include:

  • We offer quality wipes
  • Our expert team comprises industry experienced people
  • We know cleanrooms wipes very well
  • We have a wide range
  • Our service levels underpin our reputation

And, we offer you a one stop shop for all your cleanroom needs.

Companies find that TIDDOX wipes also provide them other benefits, such as:

  1. TIME-SAVINGS: Our wipes will save you time. Hence, you can use that time better elsewhere.
  2. COST-SAVINGS: These wipes can be very expensive. So, we try and help you get cost savings without giving up quality.
  3. CLEAN AND PURE: We take a lot of time on trying to reduce the risk of contamination in our wipes.
  4. LINT FREE: A big part of choosing our wipes.
  5. STRONG WIPES: We use a strong fabrics that don’t tear easily.


If you wish to use a sterile, lint free wipe for your cleanroom, look no further. These MICROFIBRE KNITTED WIPES provide the best option in our range.

So, if you wish to discuss this or other options, please call us on 1300-84-33-698. Our team of experts will happily assist you in any way they can.

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