Microfiber Nonwoven Wipes

23 cm x 23 cm • 100 Wipes per pack • 10 Packs per carton

STERILE microfiber nonwoven wipes used for polishing and cleaning cleanrooms. A smooth, soft, non-abrasive cloth suited to polishing stainless steel, lenses and other sensitive surfaces. The fine microfibers absorb liquids and pick up dirt off surfaces.

These wipes get irradiated with gamma rays. Also they undergo a triple bag to minimise any contamination. A Certificate of Irradiation accompanies each production batch. And this adheres to international ISO 11137 guidelines verifying a sterility assurance level of 10−6.

Colour: White

  • Sterilised by gamma irradiation
  • Absorbent, non-abrasive cloth for cleaning and polishing glass and lenses, metal and stainless steel surfaces, precision instruments and equipment
  • Synthetically made with a high absorbency capacity for fluids
  • Ideal for soaking up spills or applying disinfectants
  • Compatible with most chemicals and solvents
  • Very low particle emission (described as “lint free”)
  • Heavy weight material enhances durability and tear resistance
  • No additives or chemical binders
  • Cut and packed in an ISO Class 6 (Class 1000) cleanroom
  • Ideal for critical environments looking to control contamination
  • Used in pharma production and for sensitive microelectronic tasks
  • Suited for use in lower level cleanroom environments: ISO 5 – ISO 8 (Class 100)

In addition to sterilisation, these MICROFIBER NONWOVEN WIPES STERILE get triple bagged to reduce contamination.

The NON-STERILE version of this product does not undergo Gamma irradiation.


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Product Code: 4-230N2-S



Looking for top quality polishing wipes? Try TIDDOX’s MICROFIBER NONWOVEN WIPES STERILE. Also, available in a NON-STERILE version, which has not undergone gamma irradiation. Triple bagged packaging for contamination control purposes. Hence, ideal for cleanrooms with strict control requirements.


Not only do they suit polishing, they also clean delicate equipment surfaces. We made these STERILE MICROFIBER WIPES for  delicate surface cleaning tasks. For example, labs and cleanrooms use them for polishing parts and equipment. In addition, they’re lint-free and very absorbent of liquids.

Because of their smooth, soft fabric they will not scratch. Hence, ideal for polishing and cleaning. For example, polishing stainless steel or lenses. And, they clean surfaces very well because of their tiny micro fibers.

And, no room for germs after these wipes have undergone irradiation with gamma rays! So, no germs live after that process! Furthermore, they get packed into three bags in a cleanroom. As a result, these extra steps help make them pure and clean for use.


Firstly, we use strong, low lint mircofibre fabric with high absorbency. Not only do the fine micro fibres pick up dirt, but they’re absorbent of spills too. Secondly, we use a heavy-weight material so they can hold more liquids. Thirdly, they get carefully packed with three bags in a cleanroom. And then, after been packed, we apply a yellow sticker to the packs. Next, they get sent off for irradiation, inspection and repacking. Finally, the wipes ready for the cleanroom.

Also, as part of the process, we never use chemical binders or additives. Why? Because these would add impurities to the wipes.

So, as a result of the above, we get high quality, pure polishing and cleaning wipes!


The main benefit of these wipes is that they keep cleanrooms clean. In fact, the tiny micro fibres remove dirt from surfaces. Furthermore, they don’t scratch surfaces because of their non-abrasive, low lint texture. Hence, ideal polishing wipes! However, their high absorbency capacity helps when soaking up spills. Another feature is that they’re compatible with alcohol, chemicals and solvents. Hence, they get used to apply disinfectants to surfaces. Whilst soft, they won’t tear easily. And, after sterilising, not many germs survive! In fact, they don’t even have any additives or binders. “Prepared in cleanrooms, for clean rooms.”


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