Microfiber Nonwoven Wipes

23 cm x 23 cm • 100 Wipes per pack • 10 Packs per carton

This synthetic wipe is a Polyester Polyamide Microfiber Nonwoven wipe. An ideal cleanroom polishing cloth with a smooth, soft, scratch free texture and high absorbency. The fine microfibers enhance the removal of dirt and contaminants from surfaces.

Colour: White

  • Ideal for polishing scratch sensitive equipment and critical surfaces
  • Cleans glass, stainless steel surfaces and lenses without leaving streaks
  • Has a high absorbency capability so suited to spill control, clean ups, removing and applying fluids
  • Use with solvents, disinfectants and chemicals to clean surfaces
  • Strong, tear resistant material that can be used for challenging cleaning tasks
  • Contains no chemical binders
  • Lint free wipe that has lower particle emissions than other nonwoven wipes
  • Packed in an ISO Class 6 (Class 1000) cleanroom
  • Suited to pharmaceutical, microelectronics and biotech applications
  • Use in lower class cleanroom environments: ISO 5 (Class 100)

These Microfiber Nonwoven Wipes NON-STERILE are double bagged to reduce contamination.

For great contamination control we also have STERILE nonwoven polyester polyamide microfiber cleanroom wipes.


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Product Code: 4-230N2



Looking for wipes that work on all surfaces? Try TIDDOX MICROFIBER NONWOVEN WIPES. Not only do they remove tiny surface particles, but also clean and polish surfaces very well. Also, these wipes are very absorbent. And, they are versatile and good for general purpose cleaning. Above all, they give great results on sensitive surfaces. Try these good value, high quality wipes in your cleanroom. Besides, these rank as the most popular of all our cleanroom wipes. So, why not try TIDDOX wipes for your cleanroom? You won’t be disappointed!


In short, MICROFIBER NONWOVEN WIPES work really well! Becuase they have a wide range of features, they will save you time and money. Firstly, they have good fluid absorbency. Secondly, the micro fibres act very well in picking up dirt off surfaces. Thirdly, their smooth, soft texture will give you a scratch-free finish. Hence, they clean surfaces without damaging them. Also, these wipes contain no chemicals and additives. With these features, can you see why they are such popular cleanroom wipes? Ideal for polishing  and spill control. Finally, an all round, high performance cleanroom wipe!


These non-sterile wipes get packed with double bags to reduce contamination.

Also, if you need a lint-free polishing cloth, look no further! And, they have a soft texture so no scratches or damage to surface anymore. Besides, we choose the best fabric to make these wipes. So, you will get all the benefits for your cleanroom. From scratch free surfaces to lint free wiping.

Some of the advantages of these wipes are outlined below:

  • Fabric is very soft and smooth
  • They won’t scratch surfaces
  • Highly absorbent – soaks up fluids, including oils
  • Lint free– they do not leave lint behind
  • Versatile – You can use them for any task
  • High strength – They are strong and durable
  • Chemical compatibility– do no fall apart when used with chemicals


These nonwoven wipes can be used for many tasks. In fact, we have listed a few below:-

  • You can use them for polishing sensitive parts or delicate surfaces
  • Ideal for cleaning glass, stainless steel surfaces, and lenses
  • Used for spill control, cleanups, removing and applying fluids
  • Also, helpful with solvents, and applying chemicals to surfaces
  • They can easily wipe and clean dusty surfaces
  • You can use them to remove fingerprints from screen displays
  • Apply or remove adhesives or alcohol
  • Use these wipes for tough cleaning tasks
  • +More…

These wipes get used across all industries. In fact, they are great for pharma compounding. Biotech labs use them for general cleaning and spill control. Because they are soft, they get used to clean sensitive parts.

Other similar wipes include our Polycellulose wipes. Another useful wipe for general wiping and spill control. But, there are many more cleanrooms wipes, swabs and gloves to consider, too.


At TIDDOX, we have all types of cleanroom wipes. We have knitted and nonwoven, sterile and non-sterile wipes. Also, cleanroom wipes that will not scratch surfaces. So, give us a shout and let us help you with what you need. Besides, you will get great service too!

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