General Purpose Microfibre Cloths - Cleaning Wipes

10 Cloths per Pack • 5 Packs per Carton • 50 Cloths per Carton • 40 cm x 40 cm

Colours: Blue Green Red Yellow

  • Very absorbent, multipurpose microfibre cloths that pick up dirt and hold liquids easily
  • Used in various industries from hospitality, healthcare and medical to automotive and industrial
  • Soft, non-abrasive, super absorbent
  • Thick (300 gsm), weft knitted fabric that is both strong, durable and elastic
  • Wash and reuse
  • Various colour coding options available
  • For low linting applications, also consider our LINT FREE MICROMAX CLOTHS


PRODUCT CODE: (G) 4-8891 (B) 4-8890
  (R) 4-8892 (Y) 4-8892



Microfibre cloths may be one of the most versatile fabrics on the market. Because it is soft, absorbent and durable. Wash and reuse wet or dry. And, it’s multipurpose. i.e. suitable for various applications. In fact, the weave of the fabric makes them tough and durable. And, this thick microfibre fabric, despite its nappy surface, is very low linting.
TIDDOX supplies MICROFIBRE CLEANING CLOTHS in 4 colours – red, green, blue and yellow. Besides, this makes colour coding cloths to specific tasks or areas easy.
Moreover, these microfibre towels are a staple in hospitality and healthcare. Also, they get used a lot in the automotive industry to clean cars. Because they are soft and non-abrasive, they are multipurpose. In addition they can clean a toddler’s face, but are tough enough to scrub off dirt from a hubcap. And, they also shine mirrors, glass, or stainless steel without leaving loads of lint behind.
Best of all, these cloths are washable! I.E. you can wash and reuse these towels! But, they are inexpensive enough that you don’t have to feel guilty if you throw them away.
The towels come 10 to a pack, and you get 5 packs per carton.
Below are some of the industries that use our microfibre cleaning products:-


TIDDOX’s offers one of the best MEDICAL MICROFIBRE CLEANING CLOTHS. They consist of a thick pile of absorbent material and cut to a decent 40 cm x 40 cm size. These medical wipes are soft enough for skin use but tough enough to scrub up a dried stain. Also,  medical staff like the colour coding aspect of the product. Because this safety system prevents the spread of bacteria. Also, these cloths have incredible absorbency capacity! Whether its to staunch a flow of blood or urine, or to polish low lint equipment. A versatile, general purpose microfibre cloth for easy use.


CAR CARE MICROFIBRE CLOTHS are one of the best materials for shining and detailing a car. Besides, your car wash is the best place to find out how handy these towels are. And, the microfibre is perfect for shining windows, mirrors and chrome. Also, absorbent enough to leave a shine behind, instead of streaks.


Industrial companies always need something in the work area for spills and cleanup. Whether its shining product or prepping surfaces, these general purpose cloths are great. And, with the benefit of being low-lint, that finely-tuned machinery won’t clog with debris.


Say goodbye to the “Bags of Rags!” Your mechanics will never want to use any other kind of towel. These AUTOMOTIVE MICROFIBRE CLOTHS will soak up any spill, from antifreeze to grease. Is there a leak under one of the cars? Drop one of these towels on it, and it will contain the mess until you get back to it.

And, the blue microfibre cloths are very effective in cleaning car surfaces and interiors.


The hospitality industry depends on reusable, absorbent, soft cleaning cloths HOSPITALITY MICROFIBRE CLOTHS. In fact, why not bulk buy for hotel housekeeping? Or for restaurant and commercial kitchen use? And, an important consumable in pubs, clubs and bars to maintain clean counters and surfaces.


Whether you work in an aged care facility or a daycare, you will go through a lot of towels every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wiper that can do everything? Our HEALTHCARE MICROFIBRE CLOTHS are absorbent, soft, and tough. Also, you can clean up the dining area or soak up spills. Order them today, and you’ll want to keep them in stock.

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