Microfibre Knitted Wipes

23 cm x 23 cm • 100 wipes per pack • 10 packs per carton

Lint free, absorbent cloths that have a heavy weight, soft, silky texture for delicate surface polishing and cleaning. These Polyester Polyamide Microfiber knitted wipes will not scratch surfaces. Ideal cloth to soak up spills in a cleanroom environment. The fine microfibers attract and pick up contaminants and dirt from surfaces.

Colour: White

  • Heavy weight, silky, soft cloth for delicate cleanroom applications
  • Use to clean scratch sensitive surfaces, such as glass, lenses, disks or polishing equipment and precision instruments
  • Very absorbent of fluids and oils
  • Use to soak up oil spills, solvents, disinfectants and chemicals
  • Lint free cloth with laser cut sealed edges and minimal particle and fiber generation
  • High tensile strength and tear resistance
  • Laundered and washed in a Class 5 (Class 100) cleanroom and double bagged to reduce contamination
  • Applications in automotive, industrial, microelectronics, printing and pharmaceutical industries
  • Cleanroom environments: ISO 4 – 8 (Class 100)

For greater contamination control we also have STERILE MICROFIBRE KNITTED WIPES.


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Product Code: 4-230K3



Whenever you need to polish a delicate surface, try using our microfiber knitted wipes. Why? Because these knitted wipes are extra sensitive on delicate surfaces. TIDDOX’s pure MICROFIBRE KNITTED WIPES are soft, silky and non-abrasive. Also, they can pick up small dust and dirt particles. And, these wipes are very strong for scrubbing and wiping. Hence, they have the power to trap dirt in their fine fibres. Besides, great strength, they are very absorbent and heat resistant.

We offer knit microfiber in both STERILE and NON-STERILE form. So, you can choose which one works best for your cleanroom. Also, instead of knit wipes you may prefer our nonwoven cleanroom wipes? Regardless, we have a wide range of cleanroom wipes to choose from.



MICROFIBRE KNITTED WIPES will help you to pick up the tiny particles and dust. Also, they make great polishing cloths and surface cleaning cloths. These wipes can trap lint, dust, and particles of all sizes. In fact, these wipes are ideal for wiping and cleaning delicate or sensitive surfaces. Their soft, fine knitted fibres will not scratch surfaces. Besides, you do not have to worry about lint residue with these wipes. Their laser sealed edges ensure no loose fibres break free.


These cloths stand out from the rest of TIDDOX’s cleanroom wipes range. You can immediately feel their heavy weight and soft, silky fabric. Furthermore, they have great low lint and absorbent features. Ideal for contaminant control in critical areas.

Our soft-textured MICROFIBRE KNITTED CLEANROOM WIPES have tiny micro fibers. Hence, its fine microfibers attract and pick up contaminants and dirt from surfaces. And, they don’t scratch surfaces.

In addition, their laser cut sealed edges ensure no lint is left behind.

These lint free, absorbent cloths are heavy, soft and silky in touch. In fact, they are ideal for delicate surface polishing and cleaning. For example, wiping glass, lenses or disks. Also, great to polish clean instruments and equipment parts.

Equally important, they easily soak up spills in a cleanroom environment.

Also, these wipes are compatible with ISO 4 and above cleanrooms (Class 100).


The purpose of our cleanroom wipes is to assist with contamination control in critical environments. For stricter contamination control, a more specialist cloth is recommended. MICROFIBRE KNIT WIPES are that higher quality cleanroom cloth designed to meet such requirements.

Firstly, they have a soft, silky non-scratch texture. Secondly, they get washed multiple times to ensure they are super clean. Laundering helps ensure the fabric has low levels particles and ions. Hence, less chance of contaminating a cleanroom surface during use. Thirdly, the fabric has a high tensile strength that will not shed fibres. Finally, with this and laser cut sealed edges, the chances of loose contaminants is minimal.

In summary, the main features include:

  • Soft, silky cloth that will not scratch sensitive surfaces
  • They are heavy in weight
  • Lint-free, with laser-cut sealed edges
  • Our wipes have minimal particle and fiber generation
  • Laundered and washed so ultra clean
  • Very absorbent of fluids, oils and solvents
  • They have high tensile strength and tear resistance
  • Double bag packaging
  • Non-Sterile
  • Lot specific certificate and analysis

Furthermore, for added levels of comfort against contamination, we also have STERILE MICROFIBRE KNIT WIPES.


Often, when it comes to cleanroom wipes, the choices can be overwhelming. Here we have shared some of the typical questions we receive:-

  • Will these cleanroom wipes work for my sensitive items?
  • Are these wipes disposable or reusable?
  • How effective are these wipes?
  • Which wipe is right for my cleanroom?
  • Are these wipes 100% clean?
  • Will these wipes suit my budget?
  • Are these wipes for all cleanrooms or are there other wipes for each cleanroom?
  • Are these wipes eco friendly or not?
  • Will I get expert support or not?
  • Where can I get these wipes?
  • What is the difference between knitted and nonwoven wipes?
  • Must I use a sterile or non-sterile wipe?
  • What other cleanroom consumables do you have?

So, rest assured that we can assist you with any questions you may have. And, one of our team experts will  recommend a bespoke solution for you. In fact, we have all the cleanroom products that you will need. So, we look forward to hearing from you. And, let us keep you informed of all new clean room wipes by liking and following our Facebook page.