BlueMAX Wipes

90 wipes per roll • 41 cm x 25 cm  • 6 rolls per carton

Colour: Blue 

  • Cost-effective, paint and solvent absorbing disposable wipes
  • Ideal for paint site clean-ups and surface preparation
  • Low linting material that won’t leave residue on surfaces
  • Work very well in applying solvents to surfaces, and absorbing paint and solvents
  • Durable and tear resistant wipes
  • Multipurpose, highly absorbent wipes


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Product Code: 6-41022


Not only do they offer maximum absorption, but they’re ultra low lint wipes too. Hence, PAINTERS BLUEMAX WIPES are ideal for painters and artists looking for cost effective, professional painters wipes. Compared to bulky bags of rags, these are hand sized rolls of 90 disposable blue wipes. In fact, painters love the convenience and portability of these small rolls. Because they can keep one in the van and scatter a few around the paint site for easy access. And, they won’t break the bank. Strong, effective wipes that are compatible with solvents. Meaning, they do not disintegrate when used with solvents and paints. In fact, painters use them to apply solvents and prepare surfaces.



Furthermore, PAINTERS BLUEMAX WIPES don’t leave any lint on surfaces. Essential, if you don’t want to ruin the paint job!


Also, they are made using absorbent cellulose fibres. As a result, these wipes will absorb paints, solvents and thinners. So very handy when dealing with spills or preparing surfaces.

Because they’re small rolls, they don’t take up much space in the van. In fact a carton of 6 rolls, takes up less space than a 10 kg bag of  rags. And, with 90 wipes per roll, that’s 540 disposable wipes at a very affordable price.

So, stock up with a few cartons of these professional painters wipes and spread the word about PAINTERS BLUEMAX WIPES.

In addition, we also offer similar wipes in a white colour – check out the AMBIWIPES ROLLS. Equally, these also come in a flat pack format of INDUSTRO WIPES (55 cm x 40 cm). Also, worth checking out are the WHITE RHINO ROLLS and RHINO WIPES DISPENSER BOXES.


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