600 PERFORATED WIPES PER ROLL (50 cm x 30 cm)

Colour: Green

  • Painters Classic Jumbo Roll used to clean hands, brushes, tools and equipment on site
  • Portable roll made up of 600 disposable general purpose paint wipes – suits high volume usage environments
  • Cost savings and reduced wastage for standard sizes – easy to move, store and transport
  • Absorbent viscose fibres
  • Strong and tear resistant
  • Floor stands are available


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Product Code: 1-30011-JR


There is a growing trend of painters replacing their painters’ rags with the PAINTERS CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL.

Why? Because, these sturdy, disposable cloths have become the go-to painter’s rag regardless of the job. Not only are they great quality, they’re cost effective too! And, each 300 m rolls has 600 perforated towels on it!

Also, you can use the JUMBO ROLL FLOOR DISPENSER. Because it folds and is portable, you can take it to various job sites. Hence, this keeps your roll of painter’s wipes handy and accessible.

These cloths have a high enough viscose content rating. So, this means that they can easily absorb a variety of solvents and paints. In fact, these multipurpose wipes soak everything from coffee spills to paints and gels! And, they are tough enough to hold their structure when soaked with solvents. So you can scrub an area without worrying about the cloth coming apart.

Limit spilled paint by dropping a couple of these rags on the spill. It will pull even thicker paint into the fibers of the towel until it can be thrown away. Then, use another rag with solvent to clean up the remainder. But, don’t worry, the rag won’t come apart.

The PAINTERS CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL’s bulk format of 600 wipes on a roll saves you money on shipping and storage. Also, once you try these green towels, you won’t want any other rags. This will be your choice every time!

However, we also have lots of options. For example the JUMBO RHINO ROLL and the WHITE T-SHIRT RAGS.

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