TIDDOX Coloured T-Shirt Rags

10 KG • 5 KG • 1.5 KG

Colours: Mixed

  • Coloured T-Shirt rags used by painters to absorb paint and solvents
  • Low lint cotton textile ideal for painting applications
  • Extra soft and super absorbent material
  • Recycled, used t-shirts cut into rag pieces
  • Safe, metal detected rags
  • Convenient sized bags, portable and easy to carry and store
  • Inexpensive general painters rag


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Product Code: 8-30029

IN 1.5KG, 5KG and 10KG BAGS

As we all know, painting can be a messy business, with unexpected spills! Consequently, such mishaps require the rapid attention of a good quality wiping rag. And when it comes to quality rags, no better than our absorbent PAINTERS COLOURED TSHIRT RAG. Not only do we package them in 10 kg bags, but now also in 5kg bags and even 1.5kg bags. So, its easier to have handy on site for such occurrences. In addition, we also have WHITE COTTON RAGS and WHITE T-SHIRT RAGS.
Moreover, our rags comprise of thick, absorbent cotton material. In fact, the material is cut from reclaimed T-shirts recycled back into use. Hence, this material makes an excellent absorbent of paints and solvents. Interestingly, recycled t-shirt materials are softer and more absorbent than new t-shirt materials! 
Not only are the rags cost effective, they’re eco-friendly too! In addition, PAINTERS COLOURED TSHIRT RAG is cut from high quality, super absorbent clothes. Also, they’re safe to use! In fact, all rags undergo metal detection to rid them of any unwanted metals. Hence, there’s peace of mind knowing that these quality control procedures exist. Unfortunately, this is not an assumption painters can make with all brands of rags!
Comparatively, also consider PAINTERS COLOURED COTTON RAGS. Cotton is a low linting material than tshirts. As such, it’s also ideal for painting tasks. And, it cleans up spills without breaking down or ruining the paint finish.
Other paint absorbent solutions include LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES, WHITE RHINO WIPES ON A ROLL and WHITE T-SHIRT RAGS.

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