10KG and 5KG BAGS

Colours: Mixed

  • Coloured T-Shirt rags used by painters to absorb paint and solvents
  • Low lint cotton textile ideal for painting applications
  • Reclaimed old T-Shirts are extra soft and super absorbent
  • Washed, recycled, hygienically cleaned fabrics
  • Safe, metal detected rags
  • Convenient sized bags, portable and easy to carry and store
  • Inexpensive general painters rag

Product Code: 8-30029

IN 1.5KG, 5KG and 10KG BAGS

Painting can be a messy business, with unexpected spills or mishaps that require rapid attention and urgent correction with a convenient and effective wiping rag. TIDDOX’s COLOURED T-SHIRT RAGS are handy to have on site for such occurences, particularly the convenient 5kg bag (10kg bag of mixed coloured T-shirt bags also available). TIDDOX also supplies a smaller 1.5kg bag of WHITE COTTON RAGS and 10kg WHITE T-SHIRT RAGS.

The rags comprise of thick, absorbent cotton material and as such are an excellent choice for absorbing paints and cleaning up spills. These reclaimed old T-shirts are washed and recycled back into use. Being recycled they are softer and more absorbent than new cotton T-Shirt material, however a lot cheaper! As such they have long being a painter’s favourite and are a popular, effective and economical choice for any painting project.

Besides the economic and environmental benefits that go with choosing TIDDOX’s RECYCLED T-SHIRT RAGS, they make excellent painter’s cleaning rags because they are high quality, super absorbent, and low linting.

They are also safe to use! All TIDDOX rags undergo thorough washing and metal detection to clean them of any unwanted contamination or metals. There is peace of mind knowing that these sorts of quality control procedures are in place (which is not an assumption painters can make with all brands of rags).

As cotton T-shirt fabric is generally a low linting material, it is ideal for painting tasks, especially where a rag or wiper is required that will clean up spills without breaking down easily or leaving residual lint on the surface after use that might ruin the paint finish.

There are hundreds of paint outlets around the country that currently stock TIDDOX’s RHINO RAGS so if you’re looking for a trusted, safe product that has been metal detected and is environmentally friendly, and is available in a variety of conveniently sized bags, in both coloured and white T-shirt material, give us call and see how we can provide you with a quality painters rag solution!

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