475 perforated wipers per roll • 151M Roll 

Colours: Blue

  • Super absorbent, tear-off, low linting disposable painters rags
  • Cost effective solution in high usage paint areas
  • Absorbs paints and solvents.
  • Low lint painters wiper
  • Floor dispensers available

Product Code: 6-X8022-JR


Painting businesses typically use painter’s rags to clean up oil, paint and solvents. Traditionally painters have used white T-shirt rags, white cotton rags or painter’s bags of rags for these tasks. However, with advances in technology, it is now possible to manufacture a low lint paint wiping material to contain the exact characteristics that painters require from a rag! The result is Painter’s JUMBO RHINO ROLLS, which provide consistent high levels of absorption from 475 standard sized, thick tear-off sheets wrapped in a jumbo roll format. This portable roll now offers painters a more effective and productive cleaning solution, with less wastage of time and materials. It’s not hard to see why the JUMBO RHINO ROLL is leading the charge to replace white painter’s rags!

The JUMBO RHINO ROLL is a specifically designed low lint wiper that makes cleaning up super easy in high usage paint areas. It easily and quickly absorbs paints, solvents, water and other liquids to get a painting area cleaned up in record time. Its highly absorbent material dries up any spillages, making the workplace a pleasant and safe area in which to work.

These wipers are manufactured from high concentrations of wood pulp for super absorbency, with an element of polypropylene to give the material its low linting and durable qualities. The result is a tough, very thick wiping fabric that is very absorbent, low linting and will not tear easily, or fall apart when wet.

Commercial outdoor painting business and indoor paint decoration businesses are choosing JUMBO RHINO ROLLS because they are an excellent wiper that is easy to transport and store on site, and can be dispensed from a portable floor stand. They’re also used by canvas artists looking for an easy disposable paint wiper that will be low linting, and absorbent.

From a cost point of view, the savings are attractive too, and achieved through the bulk buying of 475 wipes on a roll. The savings extend further to reduced wastage, transport and storage costs, and increased productivity on site.

So, if you are looking for a thick, low linting absorbent material, switch from used cotton textiles to wood pulp polypropylene JUMBO RHINO ROLLS and experience their superior performance in terms of absorbency and strength, particularly if you are looking for a low linting fabric for those challenging paint wiping tasks!

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