300 WIPES PER CARTON (55 cm x 40 cm)

Colour: White

  • Painter’s low lint wiping cloth – ideal for lint sensitive jobs
  • Extra large wipes used by painters and powder coaters
  • Used to clean and wipe off a surface of pre paint solvent residue to get it ready for paint
  • The smooth surface suits surface preparation and surface treatment tasks
  • Very good for preparing a lint free clean surface ready for painting
  • A cellulose based wipe that is very absorbent of paints, solvents and chemicals
  • Solvent resistant, so will not disintegrate when used with chemicals or paints
  • Popular as a general workshop rag, and as white rag replacement wipes
  • More economical and effective than white rags, with higher performance
  • Portable, convenient and disposable
  • Smaller sizes available in 23 cm x 23 cm packs

“We use the Industro Wipes for pre cleaning with solvent on our powder coat line.

They have been the best product so far (we have tried many) as any lint they leave behind, disappears into or before the coating gels over.

 Other synthetic wipes either leave a melted blob or have waxes that cause defects in the finish. Commercial cotton rags often have dyes and detergent residues which can also cause us headaches.”


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Product Code: 6-40025


Undeniably, you don’t want any lint during surface preparation. Hence, use PAINTERS LOW LINT WIPES for the final pre-paint wipe over. For example, having applied a solvent to clean the surface, this product wipes off the solvent residue. In fact, they’re excellent for leaving a lint free clean surface ready for paint. And, afterwards, you can use them as a general workshop rag. 
Because of the low lint features and high absorbency, they’re a popular painting consumable. Especially if you want to apply and remove solvents from surfaces. Hence, they’re so popular with professional painters, spray booths and artists.
So, try a box of these high quality, low linting wipes that absorb solvents, paints and chemicals. And, notice their industrial strength and durability. Best of all, they’re nice and LARGE! In fact, the PAINTERS LOW LINT WIPES measure 55 cm by 40 cm. And, with 300 disposable paint wipes in each box, you’ll have more than enough for many jobs. Convenient, portable pull-out cartons that are easy to store and transport. These painters low lint INDUSTRO WIPES offer painters a white rag replacement wipe. Something less bulky, more consistent in its size and absorption. Smooth, non-abrasive texture and low linting. Will not damage surfaces or leave traces of fibre behind after use.
Fast drying and high absorption capacity. Cellulose mixed component of these paint wiping cloths soaks up paint and solvents. A handy low lint wipe to carry out those finishing touches. Its durability ensures it will not disintegrate or dissolve in contact with solvents
Used by painters for a variety of tasks that arise during a paint project. Wiping paint, absorbing solvents and cleaning paint brushes. The white colour of the wipe shows up darker colours and chemicals.

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