300 WIPES PER CARTON (55cm x 40cm)

Colours: White

  • Extra large white rag replacement wiper that is used by painters due to its low linting, high absorption features
  • The woodpulp material absorbs paints, solvents and chemicals easily
  • The smooth surface is ideal for painters preparation tasks, and other applications requiring a low lint wiping cloth
  • Comprises very strong and tear resistant polyester fibres, so will not fall apart when used with chemicals or solvents
  • More economical and effective than white rags,with higher performance
  • Portable, convenient and disposable

Product Code: (W) 6-40025


Professional painters, spray booths, artists and contract painters all seek out painting consumables that are going to support them in presenting a professional finish, and when it comes to painting wipes, the requirements are simple….they need to be good quality, low linting and absorbent of solvents, paints and chemicals. TIDDOX has designed and manufactured such a wiper with the industrial strength and features required by professional painters…they are called INDUSTRO WIPES

INDUSTRO WIPES cover a large surface area size of 55cm x 40cm, and come packaged as 300 disposable paint wipes in a convenient, portable pull-out carton that is easy to store and transport. The basis of the design behind the INDUSTRO WIPE was to offer painters a white rag replacement wiper. Something that was less bulky, more consistent in its size and absorption, smooth textured and low linting. The result was these highly absorbent wood pulp concentrated wipers, that are mixed with the right amount of polyester to give them their strength and tear resistance. The wood pulp material of the paint wiping cloths soaks paint colours and solvents instantly and is a handy low lint wiper to carry out those finishing touches. The durability and strength provided from the polyester fibres means that it can be used confidently with cleaning chemicals and solvents, without the risk of it falling apart.

INDUSTRO WIPES are ideal for a variety of common tasks that arise during a paint project from wiping paint, absorbent solvents, wiping colour off canvas to cleaning paint brushes. The white colour of the wiper enables it to show up darker colours and chemicals easily, and the non-abrasive smooth low lint texture will not damage surfaces or leave traces of fibre behind after use.

So, if you are looking for low lint quality white wipers for your next professional painting project, try the Painter’s INDUSTRO WIPES, and enjoy the benefits that these large surface, absorbent disposable wipers offer!

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