TIDDOX White T-Shirt Rags

10 KG • 15 KG • 20 KG

Colour : White

  • White t-shirt rags used by painters to absorb paint and solvents
  • Low-lint, recycled singlets that are very absorbent
  • Quality rags that are clean, safe and metal detected
  • Effective, low cost wiping rag


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Product Code: 8-30025


Painting rags are an important part of every painting project, with WHITE RAGS preferred over coloured rags because they show up the paints easier against the white backdrop of the T-shirt colour, and they are great at absorbing solvents!

Because the size of paint jobs vary, a supplier that can provide varying sizes of bags of rags is preferable, particularly if they also supply the smaller 1.5kg bags of white cotton rags. TIDDOX is such a supplier and distributes both 10kg and 1.5kg to paint resellers and trade outlets nationwide

TIDDOX’s WHITE T-SHIRT RAGS are made of high quality recycled cotton white t-shirts, so are environmentally friendly. Recycling and reusing resources is a growing trend and a responsible choice that minimises wastage of limited resources.

In addition, we make sure that our rags are hygienic through a wash and clean process, and also that they are safe for use by conducting a metal detection process which ensures that they are free from any foreign metals.

The cotton fabric in white T-shirt rags is a fantastic chemical and solvent absorbent material. Furthermore, the white colour of the material is ideal for showing up paint and oil colours.

WHITE T-SHIRT RAGS also have the added benefit of being a low linting cloth, which makes them a integral component of painting consumables where lint left on a surface can ruin a paint finish.

So next time you are looking for a bag of quality recycled paint rags to throw in the back of the ute, give our WHITE T-SHIRT RAGS a try, and enjoy the benefits of peace of mind that come with knowing you have chosen an environmentally friendly, high quality product that is safe and effective for use.


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