23 cm x 23 cm • 200 Wipes per pack • 10 Packs per carton

STERILE Polyester Cellulose nonwoven wipes are absorbent, low linting, smooth textured cleanroom wipes. Manufactured in cleanrooms using advanced hydroentangled technology. Nonwoven Polycellulose Wipes are made from a blend of cellulose and polyester nonwoven materials.

To reduce contamination, Gamma rays irradiate these STERILE WIPES. Each batch comes with a Certificate of Irradiation outlining the sterility details. Each pack is also marked with a yellow sticker which turns a dark red colour after Gamma sterile irradiation. The sterilising process meets international standards ISO 11137 : 2013

Colour: White

  • Sterilised by gamma irradiation
  • A very absorbent, durable and non-scratch wiper
  • Low extractable ion levels and low particle counts make this a LOW LINT wiper
  • Clean material free of chemical additives and binders
  • Compatible with chemicals, cleaning solvents and disinfectants
  • Use to clean equipment and surfaces in laboratories and cleanrooms.
  • Cleans and drys instruments, parts, equipment, monitors and other surfaces
  • Handy to control and absorb fluid spills
  • Used in controlled environments such as labs, cleanrooms, pharma compounding areas
  • Also used for delicate electronic and healthcare applications
  • Autoclavable
  • Cost effective, disposable wiping solution
  • Cleanroom environment: ISO 5

These STERILE Polyester Cellulose nonwoven wipes get packaged within three bags. The NON-STERILE version of this product is double bagged and does not undergo Gamma irradiation.

For a larger sized wiper, see our non-sterile LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES. The larger size is suitable for lining trays, or larger surface wiping and drying.

Product Code: 6-230N1-S



This wipe comprises a combination of fine cellulose and polyester fabric. Hence, an ideal product for general purpose cleanroom cleaning tasks. And, these nonwoven wipes have been sterilised. In fact, to make each pack of wipes sterile, they undergo gamma-irradiation. As a result, you end up with a pure clean wipe. Besides, sterilised wipes reduce cleanroom contamination. These wipes suit cleanrooms rated ISO Class 5 and above.

The TIDDOX team’s main focus is to produce quality cleanroom wipes. These nonwoven poly-cellulose wipes offer a cost effective solution. Ideal for general purpose cleaning of surfaces and spill control. Are you using these wipes in a critical area? If so, we recommend a sterilised wipe. Why? Because these wipes undergo Gamma irradiation for increased cleanliness. As a result, these wipes give your cleanroom a pure, sterile clean. Also, they provide peace of mind around contamination control.

Using these wipes can be a good way to get rid of spills, dust and other harmful things. They have a relatively low price point and cost per use. Also, they offer high absorbency and chemical resistance. And, they have very low linting too! Moreover we use biodegradable cellulose.


These wipes combine cellulose with a synthetic polyester hybrid. Next, we use an advanced hydro entangled technology. This blended mix has two main advantages. First, the cellulose gives the wipe high absorbency. And secondly, the polyester reduces lint and gives it strength. Also, to make these wipes more useful, we blend both of these material. Hence, these wipes have a low lint, smooth and non-abrasive texture. In addition, the wipes get sterilised and bagged in cleanrooms. In fact, we pack these wipes in three bags for extra protection. And, once irradiated and inspected, a sterile sticker gets put on the bag. This shows that the wipes are very clean. It’s a labour intensive process that involves great care and skill.


Yes, these wipes really protect and help you to keep cleanrooms clean. The Gamma rays irradiate these STERILE WIPES to reduce contamination. And then, these STERILE nonwoven wipes get packed in three bags. Whereas the NON-STERILE version of this product only uses double bags for packaging. Also, NON-STERILE WIPES do not undergo Gamma irradiation.


The more you learn about the benefits and features of these cleanroom wipes, the more you like them. Because, these STERILE WIPES control contamination better. Also, we take extra care in the packaging. We pack these wipes in several bags and also put labels on them. Thus, through a careful process, we prepare a valued product. These wipes have high levels of cleanliness, heat and solvent resistance. Also, they make a great general cleaning, multipurpose, sterile wiper. As a result of methodical process, cleanrooms can rely on our products. So, why not switch and give TIDDOX CLEANROOM WIPES a try?

And, look at all of the features of TIDDOX sterile cleanroom wipes:-

  • These sterile wipes get irradiated with Gamma rays
  • They have high absorbency
  • TIDDOX wipes have strength and durability
  • It has a smooth texture and and hence non-scratch
  • They are LOW LINTING
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to use
  • Used in autoclaves
  • We use clean materials
  • Made without harsh chemicals
  • Cost-effective, and disposable cleanroom wipes


TIDDOX wipes can be used in all controlled and critical environments. Such as labs, cleanrooms and pharma compounding areas. Also, ideal for delicate electronic and healthcare cleaning. TIDDOX wipes are the first choice of cleanrooms! Why? Beciase the quality of our wipes is outstanding. If you want a wipe that cleans well, then look no further. For example, here are some of the tasks they are used for:

  • Cleaning with chemicals, solvents and disinfectants
  • Wiping items and surfaces in laboratories and cleanrooms.
  • Drying instruments, parts, items, monitors and other surfaces
  • Absorbing fluid spills

What is you need a larger wipe? In this case, try our larger cut products. These are ideal for lining trays, or larger surface wiping and drying. For example, check out the non-sterile LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES.


If you need support, feel free to reach out to us! Just give us a call or send an email. One of our team members will help you to choose the best wipe for your cleanroom needs. Also, if you want to meet us and discuss further, visit one of our showrooms in your state. Besides, we are known in Australia for our quality products. And, our sterile wipes cater to all cleanroom needs.