Lint-Free Equipment Cleaning Wipes

30 cm x 30 cm • 100 wipes per pack • 5 packs per carton 

STERILE Polyester Knit Wipes suit low contaminant, lint free wiping applications. The cloths have a soft, non-abrasive texture ideal for delicate and sensitive surfaces. In addition, by pre-washing before packaging we reduce the particle and ions counts in the wipes. Fibre generation is further reduced by using a double knitted continuous filament, and laser sealing the edges of the cloths.

Before been vacuum packed in triple sealed bags, the wipes get sterilised using gamma rays to irradiate them.  The sterilisation process adheres to the international ISO 11137 standards (sterility assurance level of 10−6). The bags display a round red label indicating sterilisation has occurred.

Colour: White

  • Sterilised by gamma irradiation
  • Aseptic environments requiring critical cleaning
  • Lint free cloth with extremely low fibre and particle counts to reduce contamination risk
  • Ultra clean cloth that has been washed to de-ionize and irradiated
  • Packed in ISO Class 5 cleanroom (Class 100)
  • High tensile strength fabric
  • Durable and absorbent material
  • Soft non-scratch texture
  • Use to apply and wipe disinfectants, solvents, IPA and other chemicals
  • Ideal for sensitive surface wiping tasks that require a delicate lint free cloth
  • Used in pharmaceutical, industrial, electronic and printing sectors
  • Compatible with ISO Class 3-5 environments (Class 10 – 1000)
  • Also available in a Smaller Sizes (10cm x 10cm) and Larger sizes (30cm x 30cm) 

These STERILE Polyester Knit Wipes get vacuum packed and packaged in three bags.

Also available in a vacuum packed NON-STERILE double bag packaging format.


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Product Code: 6-30022-S



For strict contamination control, use STERILE POLYESTER KNITTED CLEANROOM WIPES. Why? Because these wipes undergo gamma irradiation. So, they give you a lint-free and contaminant free wiping experience. Hence, these knit wipes get used in critical areas.

To reduce risk of lint, consider the steps in the making of this wipe. First, we use a double knitted fabric. As such, the tight weave helps ensure no loose lint escapes. Secondly, the wipes get washed to reduce any ions and particles that may cause lint. Next, these wipes have their edges laser sealed. Then, we vacuum pack the wipes in a triple-seal bag. Finally, they also get sterilised to ISO 11137 standards. The bags display a round red label showing that this has occurred.

Besides lint free, their soft polyester fabric will not scratch surfaces.



Looking for a lint-free wipe? Sure, but what exactly does that mean? What should you look out for? As a cleanroom wipes specialist, TIDDOX offers the following tips:-

  1. The wipes should be gamma irradiated
  2. The material must have low particle and low ion generation
  3. Use a double knitted continuous filament
  4. For an ultra-clean cloth wash in de-ionised water
  5. Laser seal the edges of the wipes
  6. The cloth needs to have a high tensile strength
  7. Also, they need to be strong and tear resistant
  8. And, have an ability to resist solvents
  9. Packaging must take place in a cleanroom
  10. Pack in vacuum packed sealed bags

Also, you want a soft, non-scratch fabric for the wipe, And, consider it’s absorbency. Also, can you use it with disinfectants, solvents, IPA and other chemicals?

Before choosing lint free wipes for your cleanroom, consider all of the above points and then choose the best one.


There are many factors that tell the cleanliness of a wipe. For one, consider how many steps from raw material to the final product. Such as, manufacturing, cleaning, washing, cutting, sterilising and packaging. Hence, the number of steps tells a lot about the wipes. Thus the more steps, the higher the purity of the wipes. And, hence the lower any risk of contamination to surfaces when used. If a wipe has been made very well, then they will really give you a lot of benefits. So, if contamination control is a high priority, then you should use sterile cleanroom wipes.


TIDDOX has a huge range of knitted cleanroom wipes for critical areas. In addition to our standard cut sizes, we also offer customised wipes, as needed. For example, we have both general purpose wipes and specialty cleaning wipes. Also, STERILE KNIT WIPES, as well as NON-STERILE KNIT WIPES. But, don’t worry, you will get expert support in choosing the right one to meet your needs.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our knitted cleanroom wipes. Because we design our products using only the best raw materials and manufacturing methods. Also, we ensure the end product offers both strength and softness.

TIDDOX lint-free wipes get used to reduce contamination. For example, cleaning electronic and medical items. Hence, any delicate equipment parts, such as print heads, need lint free wipes. And, to reduce risk of contaminants, we don’t use chemical binders. Because they can leave lint behind.

Some of this will appear overwhelming. So, rather call one of our team members and they will help you. We have expert team members in most states. With so many wipe variations on the market, it’s important to consult with an expert and wipe manufacturer to ensure you choose the best wipe to match the task. Reach out by calling 1300-84-33-69.