Lint-Free Equipment Cleaning Wipes

23 cm x 23 cm • 150 wipes per pack • 10 packs per carton 
30 cm x 30 cm • 150 wipes per pack • 5 packs per carton
10 cm x 10 cm • 600 wipes per pack • 10 packs per carton

Our POLYESTER KNIT WIPES are heavy weight, soft cloths designed for sensitive lint-free wiping. For example, where you need lint-free equipment cleaning cloths for surfaces that are sensitive to loose fibres and lint. To achieve a lint-free cloth we use a strong continuous filament polyester fabric that has been double knitted. Furthermore, we also laser seal the edges of the wipes. And, to ensure they are ultra clean, the wipes get washed in a cleanroom. Furthermore, we then vacuum pack them in double sealed bags.

Colour: White

  • Lint-free equipment cleaning wipes
  • Ideal for critical surface cleaning that is sensitive to fibres and lint
  • Ideal for controlled cleaning and critical cleaning tasks
  • Low particle count through double knit weave and laser cut edges
  • Low extractable ions through multiple washes in de-ionized water
  • Washed and packed in Class 100 (ISO Class 5) cleanroom
  • Heavy weight increases absorbency
  • Non-abrasive, soft polyester fabric that will not scratch surfaces
  • A strong, durable wiper. Can use to apply or soak up chemicals, solvents and disinfectants
  • Used for lint-free tasks such as critical surface wiping, and cleaning delicate parts and equipment
  • Applications across industries, including pharmaceutical, industrial, electronic and printing
  • Used in lower class cleanroom environments: ISO 5 – ISO 8 or Class 100

These NON-STERILE Polyester Knit Wipes get vacuum packed and have double bagged packaging.

Also available in a vacuum packed STERILE triple bag packaging format.


PRODUCT CODE:   22 cm x 22 cm     6-22022
PRODUCT CODE:   30 cm x 30 cm     6-300K1




Do you want to reduce lint in your cleanroom? Then, POLYESTER KNIT WIPES will be the best choice. Not only will you get soft, clean and absorbent wipes, they will also not lint! So, when you need 100% lint free cleaning, look no further than TIDDOX’s POLYESTER KNIT WIPES.

These LINT FREE POLYESTER KNIT WIPES get used in cleanrooms and other critical areas. So, if you need a lint free wipe for better control, try these. Also, perfect for wiping and cleaning sensitive parts and delicate surfaces. 


Firstly, we use double knitted, 100% continuous filament polyester fabric. As such, this reduces any chance of loose fibres. Next, the edges of the wipes get laser cut to reduce loose fibres. As a result you get soft, non-abrasive cleanroom wipes. And, a solution for sensitive and delicate tasks!
Secondly, the wipes get washed in de-ionised purified water. Hence, this reduces the extractable ions.
Finally, the wipes get vacuum packed in a Class 100 (ISO Class 5) cleanroom.
However, for an extra level of control, you may wish to consider the STERILE POLYESTER KNIT WIPES. Because, these undergo gamma irradiation to further lower their contamination levels.


POLYESTER KNIT WIPES offer one of the purest lint-free wiping solutions. And, they will not tear easiliy because of the polyester fabric. Thus, ideal for use in cleanrooms and for critical cleaning tasks.

Besides, TIDDOX’s wipes rank as one of the best wipes for sensitive lint-free wiping. So, they get used for wiping and cleaning sensitive parts and delicate surfaces. Not only because of the double knitted weave, but also because their edges get laser sealed. Because of these features, you get a lint-free experience.

Because they get washed many times, they have really low particles. Hence, less loose fibre risk!  And, these lint-free cloths get vacuum packed too! So, a lot of effort goes in to ensuring you get lint free wipes! Also, you can use them with chemicals, no problem.

Besides, you can choose between a 9″ size or a 12″ size cut.

Suited  to ISO Class 3-5 cleanrooms.


POLYSOFT WIPES have many advantages, including: –

  • One of the few truly LINT-FREE wipes on the market
  • Soft and also ultra clean
  • These wipes will not scratch surfaces
  • They have a low particle count, so less loose lint
  • Also, lint free because of their double knit weave and laser-cut edges
  • These wipes washed and packed in Class 100 cleanroom
  • They have high absorbency
  • A strong wiper
  • They work well with chemicals and solvents
  • Vacuum packed in two bags
  • Sterilisation options available
  • +More


TIDDOX’s lint-free POLYESTER KNIT WIPES suit sensitive and delicate jobs. As a result, they get used for critical jobs and in critical areas in these industries:

  • The pharma industry
  • R&D labs
  • The electronics industry
  • Food processing businesses
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Engineering operations
  • Medical and cosmetic manufacturing plants
  • Printing industry
  • Spray booths

So, grab a few packs and try them out! Use them to wipe sensitive electronic equipment, glass, and lenses. Also, print head cleaning. In fact, ideal for cleaning any delicate equipment parts.

And, for stricter control, use the STERILE POLYESTER KNIT WIPES.


If you have any questions, ask us! We have team of wipes specialists ready to assist you. And, with warehouses in NSW, QLD, VIC and WA, you can pop in any time. We will help you get the best cleanroom wipes for your needs.

Besides wipes, we also have other cleanroom consumables. Such as gloves, swabs and other PPE. So, contact us today for a one-stop-solution to your cleanroom needs!

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