White Rhino Roll - Cleaning Wipes

22.5 cm x 38 cm • 220 wipes per roll • 4 Rolls per Carton 

Polypropylene Cellulose Wipes are strong, absorbent and low linting cleanroom wipes.

Colour: White

  • Absorbent, economical disposable cleanroom wipes for general cleanroom drying and cleaning tasks
  • Strong low lint fabric, with a smooth non-abrasive texture
  • Use to apply chemicals, solvents and disinfectants to surfaces or for spill control and fluid clean up
  • Good for surface preparation, polishing metal and glass surfaces, drying equipment, instruments and component parts
  • Wall dispensers available
  • Applications in pharmaceutical, medical, industrial and electronic cleanrooms
  • Suited to lower classed cleanroom environments: ISO 6, ISO 7, ISO 8 or Class 100

These NON-STERILE cleanroom wipes are packaged in a roll format with 220 perforated sheets on a roll.

For larger sized wipes, see our JUMBO RHINO ROLL. The larger size is suitable for lining trays, or larger surface wiping and drying.


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Product Code: 6-X7025-PR


Do you find that your wipes are not able to soak up liquids very well? If so, then you should switch to POLYPROPYLENE CELLULOSE WIPES for your cleanroom needs. These wipes are made from super absorbent cellulose fibres mixed with polypropylene. And, they have the strength of industrial wipes too! Hence, low lint, absorbent wipes for your critical area.


TIDDOX POLYPROPYLENE CELLULOSE WIPES have a host of features. Firstly, our wipes are a mix of cellulose and polypropylene composites. Thus, an effective blend of the best synthetic and natural fibres. Hence, these absorbent wipes can trap spills and clean surfaces. Secondly, you can use these wipes with chemicals and solvents. Thirdly, these wipes are strong so you can use them for tough tasks. Finally, they not only work for cleanrooms, but you can use them for other tasks as well. So, try these smooth low lint wipes today and keep your cleanroom safe and clean.

These wipes hold a large amount of liquid due to the cellulose component. Because of the polypropylene, these wipes are strong and durable. Also, they contain low ions, which makes them low linting. The texture is smooth, so use them for non-abrasive wiping tasks.

These high quality, disposable cleanroom wipes come in a roll format. Each roll has 220 generously sized perforated sheets per roll. In fact, each roll offers a very cost effective bulk packaged solution. Besides, these are handy wipes for general low lint drying and cleaning tasks. Also, these durable, tough wipes come 4 rolls to the carton, so easy to transport and store.


These wipes are great for for many different cleanroom wiping tasks. And, they have many benefits, including a very low cost per use. For example, they are low linting, and do not scratch surfaces. Also, they are very absorbent, but tough enough to resist solvents. For instance, you can use them for tough scrubbing jobs. These low lint wipes will absorb liquid spills and contaminates. They are low linting, absorbent, clean and work well with chemicals. And, because they are low lint, you can use them to dry lint sensitive items. They are disposable too!

For a heavier duty material and larger size cut, choose our JUMBO RHINO ROLL. These are made from the same tough, absorbent, low lint material, just larger and thicker! These wipes are good for lining trays, or larger surface wiping and drying.


Cleanliness is close to Godliness! As such, keep this in mind when choosing wipes for your cleanroom. And, what is their absorbency ability. And, ask what level of absorbency they have? Do they adequately soak up liquids and contaminates? Also, are they lint free or at least low lint? Ensure that they don’t leave lint behind. TIDDOX cleanroom wipes meet all of these criteria.

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