30 cm x 30 cm • 50 Wipes per Pack • 10 Packs per Carton

Our cleanroom polypropylene meltblown wipes are designed to absorb oils, solvents and chemicals. Ideal for sensitive wiping tasks, like cleaning equipment, parts, counter surfaces and wiping down cleanrooms. Capable of absorbing multiple times their own weight in liquids. Their smooth, soft, non-abrasive texture is suited to delicate cleaning tasks. Anti-static and low linting.

Colour: White

  • General purpose cleanroom wipes used to clean equipment, components and surfaces
  • Very absorbent of oils, chemicals and solvents
  • Solvent resistant meaning they will not break down when used with solvents and chemicals
  • Used to apply chemicals, such as disinfectants and IPA, as well as remove adhesives
  • A soft cloth that will not scratch surfaces like glass, screens and other sensitive surfaces
  • Large apertures to pick up dirt and contaminants off surfaces when wiping
  • Strong 100% polypropylene material, that is low in particulates (low linting)
  • Clean fabric free of chemical binders that could be spread onto surfaces
  • Low lint construction makes them suited to the electronics, medical device, biotech and pharma industries
  • Economical, disposable cleanroom wipes
  • Suited to lower classed cleanroom environments: ISO 5 – ISO 8 or Class 100

These Polypropylene Meltblown Wipes NON-STERILE are packed in a double bag to minimise contamination.

For a larger sized wipe, see our BLUE MELTBLOWN WIPES. The larger size is suitable for lining trays, or larger surface wiping and drying.


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Product Code: 5-300S3



Are there times when you need to wipe up oil and chemicals in your cleanroom? Something that will absorb and retain oils and chemical spills? If so, then TIDDOX’s POLYPROPYLENE MELTBLOWN WIPES will do the trick! We know how important it is to control spills and contaminants in a cleanroom. That’s why we have included this wipe in our range.

By using these wipes, you can clean any substances off surfaces. Besides, these wipes have no lint and are durable. Also, they are soft enough to wipe sensitive surfaces too. So, no more scratches and no more dust. These multipurpose wipes will meet most of your cleanroom wiping needs.

Also, we double bag them in a cleanroom.


These wipes are good for wiping chemicals, acids, solvents, oil or grease. Also, you can use them to remove dirt, and oil from any item or surface. If you want to absorb oil or chemicals off your cleanroom surfaces, then try these wipes. The holes in the wipes pick up and trap dirt. And the synthetic POLYPROPYLENE MELTBLOWN material absorbs these fluids and substances quickly.

And, these soft smooth wipes will not scratch surfaces. Even if you are using them on sensitive surfaces.

They offer a lint-free experience. They will not leave the lint behind nor leave oil. Because they have a great capacity to absorb liquids. Also, they are capable of absorbing many times their own weight.

Not only do these wipes have a soft texture, but they are strong too. Because of their fabric, they can be used for tough tasks. Hence, they are ideal for heavy duty cleaning jobs.

And these wipes work really well in many industries! For example, the aerospace industry uses them for cleaning glass and controlling oil and fluid spills. They clean the glass, screens and other sensitive surfaces. Also, the pharmaceutical and biomedical sectors rely on them to maintain clean surfaces. And, their smooth, lint free texture works well in the semiconductor industry. Also used in industrial manufacturing to apply and remove chemicals. Medical device companies use them because they clean the surfaces without scratching them. And there are no chemical binders. Other users include food processing, printing and photo processing businesses.

Features and Benefits

TIDDOX’s POLYPROPYLENE MELTBLOWN WIPES have a smooth, soft, strong texture. They absorb and remove oils and chemicals which helps keep surfaces clean. Also, these wipes suit scratch sensitive tasks. So, if you are looking for a highly absorbent cleanroom wiper, then these wipes are great! Not only durable, but also chemical and solvent resistant.

Other features of these wipes include:-

  • They are high quality, heavy weight oil wipes
  • Very soft and non-abrasive, so will not scratch surfaces
  • Impressive absorbency ability
  • They are durable and do not tear easily
  • A low lint cleanroom cloth
  • It is disposable cleanroom wipe
  • Cost effective and disposable
  • Used in lower classed cleanrooms

If you want a larger sized POLYPROPYLENE MELTBLOWN WIPES (40 cm x 38 cm), see our BLUE MELTBLOWN WIPES. These come in a convenient, portable box of 250 blue wipes. The are super for lining trays, or larger surface wiping and drying.


TIDDOX has been designing wipes for years, including the POLYPROPYLENE MELTBLOWN WIPES. We have a lot of experience in this area. And a team of experts ready to help you find the best wipe for your critical area. Call us on 1300- 84-33-69.

Besides, we have many options for you! From recycled rags, disposable wipes, wash-up cloths, lint-free wipes, industrial wipes, cleaning cloths, wet wipes, bags of rags, and more.

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