Microfibre Knitted Wipes

23 cm x 23 cm • 100 wipes per pack • 10 packs per carton

Heavy weight, lint free, knitted microfibre polishing cloths. Micro silk wipes have a very silky soft texture making them ideal for cleaning sensitive surfaces. Will not scratch surfaces. Ideal for polishing, buffing and surface cleaning. Also, soaks up spills and is highly absorbent of oil and water. Perfect for delicate wiping tasks, including wiping down and cleaning tools and instruments. The fine, continuous knitted microfibres pick up dirt particles very effectively.

Colour: White

  • Soft, micro silk cloths for delicate cleaning
  • Heavy duty, strong, lint-free wipes ideal for contamination control in abrasive circumstances
  • Very good absorbency of oil, water, solvents, disinfectants and chemicals
  • Ultra low particles and fibre release
  • Soft, non-abrasive texture will not scratch surfaces (perfect for polishing surfaces)
  • High quality equipment and precision instrument cleaning cloth
  • Used to clean and polish glass, lenses and disks
  • Lint free cloth with laser cut sealed edges and minimal particle and fiber generation
  • High tensile strength and tear resistance
  • Laundered and washed in a Class 5 (Class 100) cleanroom and double bagged to reduce contamination
  • Popular in the automotive, aerospace, microelectronics, industrial and pharma cleanrooms, optics, graphic and digital applications
  • Cleanroom environments: ISO 4 – 8 (Class 100)

For greater contamination control we also have STERILE POLYSILK WIPES.


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Product Code: 4-230K3


When you want a high quality, effortless cloth for polishing and sensitive tasks, choose our micro silk polishing wipes. Why? Because these high strength knitted nylon wipes are made for delicate cleaning jobs. Whether it’s polishing, drying or removing adhesives, this is the best choice. TIDDOX’s POLYSILK WIPES have a silky soft texture. Also, the nylon fibres pick up dirt easily. And, well suited to challenging wiping and cleaning tasks. Besides great strength, they are also non-abrasive and absorbent. For example, they’re used by contamination sensitive medicinal cannabis producers in their upstream production process. POLYSILK WIPES are very good at absorbing vegetable oil and drying pellets. Very strong and durable and able to maintain their integrity in rotating cylindrical drying drums of abrasive pellets without releasing any fibres.


POLYSILK WIPES make tough jobs easier! These are the cloths used by professionals to clean tool and equipment, or polish surfaces. Not only do they polish and buff superbly, they are lint free too! As such you can use these solvent resistant wipes for wiping and cleaning sensitive surfaces. The fine fibres pick up dust particles. Furthermore, they are silky soft and don’t scratch surfaces. High quality lint-free wipes!


These premium quality cloths are not cheap, but certainly worth it! Regular polishing wipes do not have the quality texture that these soft, silky wipes have. Not to mention, the lint-free features! As such, these are popular in the automotive industry, and with painters, graphic designers and printers. Also used by aerospace and microelectronics businesses. Perfect for use in cleanrooms and other critical areas.

The construction of knitted nylon micro fibres ensures that not only will not lint be released, but surface dirt will be trapped in the cloth. And, the risk of any lint residue is further reduced by the laser cut sealed edges of the wipes.

So, for those sensitive surfaces, grab a pack of these lint-free, soft and silky wipes! Many applications. For instance, cleaning optic lenses, glass, disks or polishing instruments or equipment parts.

And, they are absorbent too!

Suited for use in ISO 4 (Class 100) cleanrooms and above.


These micro silk wipes offer a professional wiping solution. High quality manufactured soft silky wipes, made to a high spec to ensure they are lint-free. And, these micro silk wipes will not damage or scratch surfaces. These design features make the POLYSILK WIPES perfect for delicate cleaning and polishing.

The manufacturing process is quite intricate. Firstly, the fabric gets laundered many times. This not only cleans the cloth, but also washes out excess particles and ions. Secondly, the decontaminated cloth has its edges laser cut to further reduce any loose fibres. Thirdly, the fabric is made from a tight knitted construct of soft silky fibres. As such, it is strong so will not tear easily or release lint. Finally, the wipes get specially packed in double bagged packs.

The end product looks like this:

  • Silky, soft lint-free cloth that is non-abrasive
  • Heavy weight cloth with laser-cut sealed edges
  • No lint
  • Washed and cleaned thoroughly
  • Absorbent of water, solvents, oils and fluids
  • Strong and do not tear easily
  • Non-sterile, but double bag packaging


Sometimes, choosing the correct wipes for your needs can present difficulties. There are so many specialist wipes out there to choose from! To help narrow the choice, here are some typical questions to ask:-

  • Will these wipes work for my sensitive items?
  • Are these wipes disposable or reusable?
  • How effective are these wipes?
  • Which wipe is right for my purposes?
  • Are these wipes 100% clean?
  • Will these wipes suit my budget?
  • Are these wipes good for polishing, buffing and cleaning in the automotive industry?
  • Are these silky wipes eco friendly or not?
  • Will I get expert support or not?
  • Where can I get these wipes?
  • What is the difference between knitted and nonwoven wipes?
  • Must I use a sterile or non-sterile wipe?
  • What other consumables do you have?

So, rest assured that we can assist you with any questions you may have. And, one of our team experts will recommend a bespoke solution for you. In fact, we have all the cleaning wipes that you will need. So, we look forward to hearing from you. For more information on our POLYSILK WIPES call or email us or contact us through our Facebook page.