PREMIUM CLEANING CLOTHS (30cm x 60cm x 350)

25 Wipes Per Pack • 14 Packs per Carton • 350 Wipes per Carton 

Colour: Green 

  • Multi-purpose, extra thick, extra absorbent premium quality wipes
  • Ideal for cleaning and soaking up spills where superior strength and absorbency is required
  • Heavy weight material that is both strong and durable
  • High absorbing material for a superior performance wipe
  • Economical – can be washed and reused many times
  • Used in hospitality, commercial cleaning, healthcare and industrial businesses
  • Also available in roll format


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Product Code: 1-30021


TIDDOX’s packs of PREMIUM CLEANING CLOTHS are a thicker, even more absorbent version of our CLASSIC-300 wipes. In fact, the Premium line of cloths is 50% thicker, designed for jobs in which you need the maximum amount of absorbency in the towels you use. We have designed these cloths for use in hospitality, healthcare, janitorial, and industrial situations where you need a lot of strength and absorbency in a manageable size. These green premium wipes are thick, heavy-duty cleaning cloths. They are super soft, too, which makes them useful in kitchens and medical facilities. Commercial kitchens stock them specifically for use in cleaning countertops. They offer maximum weight and absorbency for surface spills, leaks, and bodily fluids.


So often, you need the absorbency of a large bath towel without the bulk. With TIDDOX’s PREMIUM-300, wipes you get just that. These wipes are 30cm X 60cm, but absorb far more than their actual weight. If you want a more lightweight cloth, the CLASSIC-300 is probably the towel you want, but for big jobs, the Premium line of cleaning wipes is the answer to your problems. These thick wipes can be folded for continued use, then rinsed out and reused without losing any of their absorbency. However, they are not so big that the edges catch on countertops or corners. You can control the cloths without them flopping around making a bigger mess.


The PREMIUM CLEANING CLOTHS are made of a highly absorbent viscose material that will soak up and retain more than its own weight in liquids and semi-liquids. As an industrial wipe, the PREMIUM-300 can be dropped on a puddle of oil under a leak and contain the viscous fluid until you can get back to it and fix the problem. In healthcare, you often need a cloth to staunch a flow of fluids, from a leaky faucet to a urine flow. These cloths can handle the work and be reused after laundering.


You have probably had the unpleasant experience of scooping up a mess with a paper towel, only to have the towel rip and drop the unpleasantness to the table top or floor. Then, you have an even bigger mess to clean up! With any super absorbent cloth, strength is a priority. It doesn’t do you much good to be able to scoop up an entire spill of pudding in the dining room, only to have it drop or drip onto the floor all the way to the back. These cleaning cloths are specifically designed to be strong enough to stay together regardless of the bulk you need to carry or the scrubbing you need to do.


The strength and durability of the PREMIUM-300 make them an economical choice. They can be laundered many times and don’t lose their absorbency when reused, like many cloth wipes do.

One carton of our PREMIUM CLEANING CLOTHS has 14 packets of green wipes in it. There are 25 wipes in each pack. Contact us today to order a carton, and you’ll see why this is one of our best sellers.

These PREMIUM CLEANING CLOTHS come in rolls as well as packs. The 45m rolls comprise 90 thick, heavy absorbent perforated wipes and are referred to as our as HEAVY DUTY PREMIUM ROLL OF WIPES. We also have a 56m medium duty roll (125 wipes per roll), which is a lighter weight cloth, but with the same high percentage rayon fibres to ensure maximum absorbency – these are called our CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL popular in restaurants, healthcare and commercial cleaning organisations. Another very popular product in aged care, child care and hospitality businesses is the MAXI WIPES which are thick, soft, super absorbent sponge cloths, that come in 4 colour coded packs.

Of similar weight to the PREMIUM CLEANING CLOTHS, but with a 90% rayon content are the OMNIWIPES, an all-purpose cleaning cloth used extensively in aged care residences and old aged homes, due to it’s significant absorbency capabilities and its softness on the skin of residents and patients.