TIDDOX Red Wipes on a Roll

90 wipes per roll • 4 Rolls per Carton • 360 wipes 

Colour: Red/Pink

  • Heavy duty red cleaning cloths on a roll
  • Heavy weight and high in viscose resulting in superior absorption
  • Impressive strength and durability
  • Used in medical, dentistry, hospitality, janitorial, healthcare and industrial
  • In a colour coding setting red typically earmarked for high germ areas. For example bathrooms and toilets
  • 45 m roll containing 90 perforated cloths (50 cm x 30 cm)


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Product Code: 1-50023-PR


Regardless if they’re red or pink, these colours highlight germ areas. For instance washrooms, toilets and bathrooms. And ,they last thing you want when cleaning these areas are thin, poor absorbing wipes. So that’s why commercial cleaners opt for our PREMIUM RED WIPES ON A ROLL. Because they’re thick , absorbent strong and durable! You’d be mad to go in there with anything less. As a minimum, you want wipes treated with antibacterial chemicals, like these. And, the thicker, the better. Because thickness allows the cloth to soak up more of the spill. Also, it holds the liquids better. Hence, janitors look for reliable, commercial-grade absorbent wipes when it comes to high germ areas.


Not only do these PREMIUM RED WIPES ON A ROLL improve hygiene, they also help productivity. Because you have high performing products, your staff work more efficiently.


And the antibac chemicals in the cloth slow the growth of bacteria that the cloth picks up.


So, if its bathrooms or washrooms, sinks or urinals, arm yourself with these professional wipes. And, see the difference quality made cloths make! 


These are used everywhere. In fact, wherever there’s a washroom facility. For example, offices, restaurants, hotels, aged care facilities, schools, medical clinics etc. And you discard of the germs after use. Hence perfect for hygiene.


But, if 90 wipes on a roll is not enough, upgrade to 125 WIPES ON A ROLL or even 600-wipes on a roll.

And, we’ve got these in blue , white and green colours. Equally, our MAXI WIPES are also colour coded.


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