PREMIUM XL WIPES (60cm x 60cm x 100)

20 wipes per pack • 100 wipes per carton

Colours: GreenBlueRed

  • The ultimate in dry non-woven wipes. This general cleaning wipe is 100% larger and 50% thicker than the CLASSIC Cleaning Cloths
  • Designed for hospitality, janitorial, healthcare and industrial use where superior strength and absorbency is required
  • Cloth Size: 60cm x 60cm.
  • Heavy weight material that is both strong and durable
  • High absorbing material for a superior performance wipe
  • Economical – can be washed and reused many times
  • Also available in roll format
PRODUCT CODE: (G) 1-60021 (B) 1-60022
  (R) 1-60023


PREMIUM XL WIPES (60cm x 60cm)

One of TIDDOX’s toughest, most absorbent wipes is the PREMIUM XL WIPES. This large cleaning cloth is used in just about every industry, as a cleaning cloth for cars or as large hospitality cleaning wipes. These are very large wipes used for cleaning and washing. This is a non-woven material, so it won’t ravel, tear, or snag on sharp corners. Being the PREMIUM range, it is 50% thicker than our CLASSIC line of wipes, meaning that it will absorb over 50% more liquids and semi-liquids. It is designed to contain viscous fluids as well as gels and semi-solids. With material this sturdy and absorbent, you can get many more uses from them before you dispose of them. These, as well as other PREMIUM line cloths, are also available on a roll – HEAVY DUTY PREMIUM ROLL OF WIPES.


These packs of towels are 60cm X 60cm, and designed to handle absorption of all kinds of fluids on a large scale. They are especially useful in the car cleaning industry, where they can be used to dry cars and shine windows without streaks. The medical facilities that purchase these medical wipes choose them for their extra thickness and super-absorbency. Childcare and healthcare facilities find these to be invaluable for keeping spaces sanitary.


We’ve made these XL cloths in different colours. This gives medical facilities and hospitality customers the ability to colour code their inventory. Medical wipes and healthcare cloths often go into a hazardous waste bin, and with colour coding, this is much easier.


The PREMIUM XL CLOTHS are not only larger and thicker than our CLASSIC line, they are even stronger. They are made of a heavy-weight material that can be laundered and reused many times without losing their absorbency. While these wipes are strong enough to scrub with, their best value is in their absorbency and strength for retaining fluids. If you are looking for a scrubbing cloth, let us recommend our CLASSIC-300 or PREMIUM-300.


Viscosity is the thickness of a liquid. A highly viscose cloth can absorb thick liquids, such as oil in the automotive or industrial setting, or diarrhea in a medical setting. They can also absorb gels and inks, and even pudding in a restaurant! When you use one of these cloths to clean up a mess, it will hold onto the liquid or semi-solid, retaining it until you can get the towel to a sink or garbage bin.


While these cleaning cloths cost a little more than smaller towels, you get your money’s worth. They can be washed and reused many times without losing their absorbency. While cloth wipes lose their viscose abilities, our wipes keep their cell structure so as to absorb the same amount as before they were laundered. This is one of the reasons so many different industries keep a supply of PREMIUM XL WIPES in stock. They may not be used for every instance, but when you need a big, absorbent cloth, this is the one you want.

Contact us today and find out how to order a carton of these great towels. You get 5 packets in each carton, with 20 wipes per packet. Colour code them or order all one colour.

These packs of PREMIUM XL CLOTHS are also available in rolls of perforated wipes – see our HEAVY DUTY PREMIUM ROLLS. If you are looking for even thicker cloth, the heaviest cloth we have is the MAXI WIPE which has double the gsm of the PREMIUM XL CLOTHS, and is made from a soft rayon material that is incredible absorbent.

Last, but certainly not leaset, are the TIDDOX OMNIWIPES, which is top of the PREMIUM range of cloths and has the highest absorbency characteristics of all our cloths. This very soft, super absorbent white multipurpose cloth is favoured in healthcare organisations, particularly aged care homes as it can be used on the skin.