Jumbo Paper Towel Roll

3-ply Blue Paper Roll • 1000 Sheets Per Roll • 36 cm x 35 cm • 350m

Colour: Blue

  • Disposable towels to clean hands, tools and equipment of grease, ink and solvents
  • 1000 disposable general purpose print room wipes
  • Rag replacement wipes that will save you money, storage and freight
  • Three thick, absorbent paper tissue layers glued together for high performance strength and absorbency
  • Tear off sheets from the floor dispenser
  • Very convenient, cost effective wiping solution for print rooms to replace rags


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Product Code: 6-67022-JR


TIDDOX’s PRINTERS BLUE PAPER ROLL is popular in print rooms. Why? Because they absorb gels, inks, and solvents. Furthermore, its great for cleaning print machinery, as its also a low-lint cleaning towel. In fact, TIDDOX’s PAPER TOWEL JUMBO ROLLS are designed for the busy print room. So, try these handy 3-ply blue paper rolls in your print room!


Not only absorbent, but these strong, paper towels are great for low lint cleaning tasks. Coupled with LINT-FREE POLYSOFT WIPES and LINT FREE FOAM SWABS, these towels are handy in keeping print heads clean. In fact, it owes its low lint features to its construction. In particular, the 3-plys of paper glued together in an embossed format. Not only does this reduce lint fragments, it also gives the towels scrubbing strength. Even when saturated with solvents, the triple layer of cellulose holds together well. And so, you can see the advantages that these rags replacement towels offer a print room. Also, they’re clean, effective, disposable and very low costing!


As mentioned above, the PRINTERS BLUE PAPER ROLL is made of 3 layers of cellulose tissue. Furthermore, these three layers are glued together and then embossed. The embossing serves more than a decorative function. In fact, by embossing the towels, they bond together better, and have added strength to not tear or come apart when wet. As a result, you can use these blue printshop towels to scrub machinery, even when soaked with solvent. In addition, we’ve perforated the sheets for easy tearing off the roll, and reduced wastage.


Another feature of the PRINTERS BLUE PAPER ROLL is its absorbency. Print machinery uses all kinds of liquids and viscous materials. You need a paper towel that can absorb anything your print machines can leak. The DISPOSABLE PRINTERS BLUE PAPER ROLL absorbs ink, solvents, oils, and even thicker gels and grease. Viscosity ratings on this product are very high, meaning that you can count on it to grip and hold thicker semi-fluids that otherwise would get smeared around. Don’t you hate it when you are carrying a soaked rag to the bin and it drips everywhere? You have a bigger mess to clean up than the original. With the PRINTERS BLUE PAPER ROLL, you won’t have that problem. The absorbency will hold onto fluids and semi-fluids, stopping the spread of the mess.


Do you have to count your cloth rag towels before the laundry service comes? Tired of having to chase down every rag, because you don’t want them to “walk away?” With these disposable paper towel wipes, you no longer have to worry about counting rags. And, these print wipes are tough enough to do the job, but affordable enough to throw away. The most economical option on a per wipe basis in our entire range of products!

So, try our PRINTERS BLUE PAPER ROLL. You’ll love them! In fact, you’ll probably never use anything else in your print room!

If you prefer a white coloured wipe to better show up inks, we suggest you try TIDDOX’s low lint WHITE RHINO ROLL, comprising 220 disposable tear-off sheets. Also, consider the LINT-FREE POLYSOFT WIPES and LINT FREE FOAM SWABS for wiping and swabbing print heads and other fine equipment parts.

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