TIDDOX Coloured T-Shirt Rags

10kg or 5kg bags

Colours: Mixed

  • Coloured T-Shirt rags used by printers to absorb ink and solvents
  • Low lint cotton textile that is soft and non-abrasive
  • Recycled cotton fabric is very absorbent
  • Clean and washed, recycled rags
  • Safe for use after our metal detection process to remove any harmful foreign objects
  • Good general printroom rag
  • Economical and cost effective

Product Code: 8-30029


The goal of any print room is to keep your printing presses productive and efficient. A key ingredient to this goal is using quality printing consumables, including absorbent cleaning rags. TIDDOX supports printers nationwide by providing a high quality grade COLOURED T-SHIRT RAGS. Keep a few of our 10kg or 5 kg bags handy to clean up spills and accidents. This ensures the printing room floor is free of harmful accidents and makes sure your business is as productive as possible! Our hygienic and safe rags are low linting, economic, portable, and available in 10kg and 5kg bags.
TIDDOX’s high quality PRINTERS COLOURED TSHIRT RAG is safe to use. Each bag is metal detected to remove any stray zippers or buttons.
Plus this is an environmentally friendly solution. The RECYCLED RAGS have been saved from land fills. Our rags are carefully selected during the sorting process. Our promise is to provide printers with recycled t-shirt rags that are clean, soft, safe and absorbent!
Did you know that recycled cotton is much more absorbent than fresh cotton? Coloured T-Shirt rags are fantastic absorbents of ink and solvents. They make for a good general purpose print room rag. Used to keep printing equipment clean and the print room free of ink spills. These rags are also low linting. Using cotton fabric limits loose cotton threads and other residue after wiping.
Try our PRINTERS COLOURED TSHIRT RAG. An environmentally-friendly, metal-detected wiping solution to keep the print room and presses clean and free from ink and solvent spills.