PRINTERS JUMBO RHINO ROLL •  31.8cm x 34cm  
475 perforated wipers per roll • 151M Roll 

Colours: Blue

  • Super absorbent, tear-off, low linting disposable printers rags
  • Heavy duty, heavy weight, tear resistant wiper
  • Absorbs inks, oils, chemicals and solvents
  • Grease removal wiping cloth
  • Low lint printing cleanup cloth to replace rags
  • Floor dispensers available

Product Code: 6-X8022-JR


Printing businesses rely on the JUMBO RHINO ROLL wipers due to their highly absorbent makeup for cleaning up the print room, and wiping down printing equipment surfaces, particularly where there are spills of print chemicals, inks, solvents or other liquids. The versatile and very thick JUMBO RHINO ROLL wipers will absorb and soak up most spills and inks. They are also great at wiping away grease and oils.

This wiper is constructed from wood pulp as well as polypropylene material. The result is a wiper that has a high absorption rate and is very strong, tear resistant and low linting. This durable wiper’s low linting characteristic is valuable in any print room, and its absorption capabilities ensure clean working areas.

Because the material is difficult to tear, the 151m roll is perforated into 475 standard 34cm x 32cm sheets that can be easily torn off, utilised to clean hands, tools or equipment, and then thrown away.

When you need cost effective low lint print wipes, the JUMBO RHINO ROLL provides the ideal solution. It comprises 475 perforated wipers wrapped on a roll, offering an economical bulk buy solution. Furthermore, the roll is portable, easy to transport and store, and ensures reduced wastage from standard sized consistently absorbent wipers. Floor stand available if required.

You might already be using printer’s rags or other cleaning wipes, however this rag replacement wiper offers superior and more consistent performance, at a lower cost per wipe. These low-lint wipes, come with the strength, durability and absorbency printers can rely upon and will not fall apart when wet.

So, if currently JUMBO RHINO ROLLS are rarer than bags of rags in your print room, it’s definitely time to support this great product! By adding it to your printing consumable supplies, you will enjoy the performance benefits that this tough, low lint, thick skinned wiper has to offer, not to mention the cost savings from bulk buying 475 perforated wipes on a roll!

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