150 wipes per pack • 10 Packs per Carton • 22cm x 22cm

Colours: White

  • Great for print head cleaning!
  • Used to remove build up of ink on print heads and nozzles
  • Soft, non-abrasive wipes will not damage sensitive surfaces
  • Suitable for use on injet heads, large format printers, digital printers and in graphic art applications
  • Heavy weight, high absorbency capacity
  • Cleanroom laundered with distilled water and packed in cleanroom environment
  • Lint free – double knit to reduce particles and laser cut edges to prevent loose fibres
  • High tensile strength

Product Code: 6-22022


When they’ve tried White T-Shirt Rags… when they’ve tried Rag-On-A-Roll….and all the other “lint free” wipers offered to printers….professionals finally end up with the one truly lint-free wiper on the market, POLYSOFT WIPES. Great for print head cleaning and other delicate equipment wiping tasks printer’s deal with on a regular basis!

As all printers know, lint or fluff remnants from a cloth or rag is a major problem in printer’s lives, particularly when cleaning sensitive printing components like print heads. So, we’ve designed a lint-free cloth that is made from 100% tightly woven polyester fibres, and ensured that through double knitting the weave and laser cutting the edges, no loose fibres or “lint” will escape. Furthermore, to ensure safe use on sensitive surfaces, we’ve made the cloths extremely soft and non-abrasive so as not to cause any damage to delicate parts, making them ideal for cleaning print heads, and other printing equipment such as print nozzles, drums and cylinders. These wipes can also be used in graphic art wiping tasks, cleaning lenses, polishing stainless steel, cleaning glass surfaces, screens and monitors, and any other general wiping tasks that require a soft, lint-free cloth.

LINT-FREE POLYSOFT WIPES are also ultra clean and low in ion particles, having been laundered multiple times in deionised water and then vacuum packed and double bagged in a Class 100 (ISO Class 5) cleanroom environment, making them the perfect uncontaminated wiper for those delicate print wiping tasks.

POLYSOFT WIPES are cut from a heavy weight polyester fabric for high absorbency capacity (over 400ml/sqm), and are packaged in convenient packs of 150 wipes (22cm x 22cm). In addition to the benefits of the intense manufacturing process and the soft lint-free texture of the material outlined above, this high absorbency capacity and extra grammage per square meter gives these cloths the added quality printers are looking for. These wipes can be used with chemicals and are suitable for use on all types of printers, including inkjet printers, digital printers, large format printers, flat bed UV printers, optical media printers etc.

So, when it comes to ongoing print head and print equipment maintenance to keep your printer running smoothly, no matter the brand or type of printer, look no further than LINT-FREE POLYSOFT printhead cleaning wipes.

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