300 WIPES PER CARTON (40 cm x 55 cm)

Colour: White

  • Smooth surfaced, non-abrasive, large wiper used by printers to clean and polish metal and glass surfaces
  • Low linting cellulose polyester material
  • Absorbs ink, solvents and chemicals and used to also clean up oils and grease
  • Strong and tear resistant
  • Multipurpose printer’s wiper to replace white rags
  • Economical and disposable

Product Code: 6-40025


It can be safely stated that lint is the long time nemesis of the printing industry. The holy grail is achieved when there are no lint traces or fluff after cleaning printing equipment, printers and printing accessories. A difficult standard to achieve, however our printers LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES come close. Whilst not completely lint free, this wiper can be used for tasks that require a large disposable low linting wiper.

This low lint print cloth has a dense structure of wood pulp and polyester mix, which keeps the loose fibers to a minimum. Whilst probably not suitable for wiping sensitive printer heads, they can be used for other applications, such as soaking up spills or wiping down certain printing machinery and equipment. The high content of wood pulp fibre makes these printing wipes highly absorbent of most fluids in a print room, including ink, solvents, oils and and chemicals. Furthermore, the soft and smooth texture of the INDUSTRO WIPES is ideal for cleaning and polishing printing equipment and components.

The white colour shows up any absorbed darker colours such a ink, oil and grease just like white rags, however these cartons are not as bulky to store or freight, and are a much more convenient and hygienic option in a print workplace.

The polyester content of these industrial strength wipers makes them extremely durable, long lasting and chemical resistant. They are compatible with printing chemicals and solvents, and will not easily tear or fall apart, even when used with strong chemicals.

The large size of these high performance printer cleaning cloths makes any cleaning job easy, quick and effective. Their non-abrasive smooth texture makes them suitable for jobs with scratch sensitive surfaces.

So, if you are looking for a high performance printing wiper as an alternative to bags of white rags, try these low linting, quality manufactured, highly absorbent INDUSTRO WIPES for a more consistent professional wiping solution in the print room. Each carton contains 300 disposable multipurpose printers wipes.

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