Oil Absorbent Wipes

50 wipes per pack • 30 cm x 30 cm

Colour: White

  • Very absorbent polypropylene printers wipes
  • Very absorbent of inks, solvents and chemicals
  • Low lint, non-scratch, smooth. meltblown fabric
  • Solvent resistant
  • Disposable

Product Code: 5-300S3


The inks and gels used by printers, as well as the grease and oils used in their machinery, can be difficult to clean up. Disposable printers’ cloths often come apart when you do any scrubbing with them and often dissolve when they come into contact with any kind of solvent. That’s why you need TIDDOX’s MELTBLOWN POLYPROPYLELNE PRINTERS’ WIPES.

These polypropylene printers’ towels are tough, durable, and absorbent – perfect for use in your printing shop. A thick towel, you can drop one on a spill and come back to it later. This keeps inks and other fluids from spreading across the floor or counter top, making an even bigger mess. You can come by later and scoop up the cloth, liquid, and all, and throw it out without guilt – because this is an affordable, disposable printers’ wipe!

You know how frustrating it is to clean up a mess with solvent, only to have the towel come apart as you scrub the surface. Well, with our meltblown wipes, you won’t have that problem. They are specifically designed to work with all kinds of inks, solvents and chemicals so you can clean up whatever mess happens in your print room.

These are low-lint wipes, too, so you don’t have excess debris left behind when you wipe down surfaces. There won’t be any fuzzies left behind to spoil your copy.

With 50 wipers in each pack, you can place the conveniently around the print room where they will be easily accessible. You get 12 packs in each carton. Try these disposable printers’ wipes, and you won’t want anything else in your printers’ workshop!

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