Lint-Free MicroMAX Cloths

40cm x 34cm • 10 Cloths per Pack • 10 Packs per Carton

Colour: Blue

  • Printers’ MICROMAX CLOTHS are soft and non-abrasive
  • Lint free wipes for cleaning printers to ensure no residue or fibres left behind
  • Cleans surfaces of residues before printing or applying vinyl
  • Ultra absorbent cleaning wipes
  • Also good for cleaning glass and stainless steel surfaces
  • Strong, absorbent and durable
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Economical – can be reused a few times


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Product Code: 4-40012



Because press room equipment needs to not have any lint, rags don’t always make the grade. Rags have threads of cotton that can lint. Hence, printers choose more specialist lint-free wipes for cleaning print equipment, such as the printers’ MICROMAX CLOTHS. Their soft, smooth microfibre fabric not only adsorbs well, but also does not leave lint on the surface! In fact, these printers’ wipes get used a lot in press rooms and signage businesses. Why? Because they suit jobs like sensitive equipment cleaning and surface wiping.
As most of us know, lint presents one of the the biggest threats to any print room. And lint residue can come from using poor quality cloths or rags. As a result, this can quickly ruin a print run. Hence, by choosing TIDDOX’s PRINTERS MICROMAX CLOTHS, printers ensure that these problems don’t happen. For instance, the micro fibres in this cloth come tightly woven so they don’t come loose easily and contaminate a surface. As such, they make an ideal cloth to clean print equipment. And, they don’t cost a fortune! In addition, their smooth, non-abrasive surfaces will not scratch surfaces or damage sensitive parts. Besides, these printers’ wipes have great thickness and absorbency. In fact, they do a great job absorbing liquids, including inks, solvents and chemicals. And, because of their resistance to solvents, they won’t fall apart easily. As a result, PRINTERS MICROMAX CLOTHS get used by graphic artists, print businesses as well as sign writing businesses.
So, make life easier and grab a carton of these disposable printer cloths for cleaning your print equipment. Each carton contains 10 convenient packs of 10 wipes.


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