PRINTERS OMNIWIPES (60cm x 30cm x 600)

Omniwipes Healthcare Cloths

50 wipes per pack • 12 packs per carton • 600 wipes per carton 

Colour: White

  • White rag replacement cloth used by printers as more absorbent and less bulky than bags of rags
  • Absorbs inks, solvents and chemicals
  • Soft, non-abrasive cloth
  • Superior strength and absorbency
  • Convenient packs

Product Code: 1-30025


Printers’ cloths have to be tough yet soft, capable of scrubbing stained surfaces without coming apart. Usually, a disposable printers’ cloth is too fragile for the job, but not OMNIWIPES!

OMNIWIPES are durable, soft, absorbent printer wipes that can be used to quickly soak up a spill of ink or solvent, or to wipe off print mechanisms. These low-lint cloths are ideal for printing surfaces and cleaning certain printing equipment. They are smooth enough that they won’t damage the machinery or tools.

It can be hard to find a printer wiper that works on ink, grease, and solvents. But OMNIWIPES have a high viscosity rating. This means they are designed to soak up anything that is a non-solid. You can drop one of these printing cloths on a spill or blob of gel or grease, and it will pull the fluid, regardless of viscosity, into the fibers of the cloth. And hold onto it. You can come back in a little while and pick up the printer towel, and the fluid or semi-fluid will be soaked into the towel. You can carry it to the trash can without making an even bigger mess with drips. And, you can throw it away!

OMNIWIPES come in bundles of 50, so order a carton, and this will be your go-to printing paper wipe from now on!

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