1000 perforated sheets per roll • 36cm x 35cm (350m) 

Colour: Blue

  • Replace rags with a bulk low lint jumbo roll of 1000 disposable general purpose print room wipes, and save money, storage and freight
  • Three thick, absorbent paper tissue layers glued together for high performance strength and absorbency
  • Tear off sheets from the floor dispenser to clean hands, tools and equipment of grease, ink and solvents
  • Very convenient, cost effective wiping solution for print rooms to replace rags

Product Code: 6-67022-JR


TIDDOX’s PRINTERS PAPER TOWEL JUMBO ROLL is handy in any print room. The gels, inks, and solvents used in printing require a strong absorbency rating. At the same time, the machinery, while being durable and industrial, requires low-lint cleaning. TIDDOX’s LOW LINT 3-PLY CLEANING PAPER TOWELS are designed for the busy print room. Keep these handy rolls in each workstation or on a dispenser in a centrally-located place, and your print room will be cleaner than ever!


These strong, durable wipers are also some of the best low-lint printers paper towels. How frustrating is it to clean a print head, and then have to clean it again because of the lint and other bits of fabric left behind? With this low linting product, achieved through gluing 3-plies of paper together in an embossed format, that problem is gone. These are low-lint printers rags that will stand up to scrubbing without coming apart and leaving debris behind. Even when they are saturated with solvents, the triple layer of cellulose holds together until you are finished with the job. This is perhaps the best print rags replacement towel you’ve ever used. And, it’s disposable!


TIDDOX’s PRINTER’S CLEANING PAPER ROLLS are made of 3 layers of cellulose tissue. These three layers are glued together and then embossed. The embossing serves more than a decorative function. Embossing the fabric bonds the layers together, creating a paper towel that won’t tear or come apart when it gets wet. The sheets are perforated, because there is no way you could tear them from the roll otherwise. This 3-ply construction means that your paper towel will hold together while you scrub your machinery, even when it is soaked with solvent.


Another feature of TIDDOX’s PRINT PAPER WIPERS is their absorbency. Print machinery uses all kinds of liquids and viscous materials. You need a paper towel that can absorb anything your print machines can leak. These DISPOSABLE PAPER TOWEL WIPES absorb ink, solvents, oils, and even thicker gels and grease. Viscosity ratings on this product are very high, meaning that you can count on it to grip and hold thicker semi-fluids that otherwise would get smeared around. Don’t you hate it when you are carrying a soaked rag to the bin and it drips everywhere? You have a bigger mess to clean up than the original. With this PRINT RAGS REPLACEMENT PAPER WIPER , you won’t have that problem. The absorbency will hold onto fluids and semi-fluids, stopping the spread of the mess.


Do you have to count your towels before the laundry service comes? Are you tired of having to chase down every rag, because you don’t want them to “walk away?” With these disposable paper towel wipes, you no longer have to worry about counting rags. These print wipers are tough enough to do the job, but affordable enough to throw away. The most economical option on a per wipe basis in our entire range of products!

Try one order of TIDDOX’s PAPER TOWEL JUMBO ROLLS Paper Towel Jumbo Roll. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, you’ll probably never use anything else in your print room!

If a white colour is preferred to better show up inks, we suggest you try TIDDOX’s low lint WHITE RHINO ROLL, comprising 220 disposable tear-off sheets. Also, consider the LINT-FREE POLYSOFT WIPES and LINT FREE FOAM SWABS which are popular options for wiping and swabbing print heads and other fine equipment parts.